Results from meet

September 10, 2000
Linne Woods

Joe Sehnal, Meet Director

The first meet of 2000 fall orienteering season took place in a small forest preserve in northwest suburb of Morton Grove on a new, freshly made map. Warm and humid weather with some rain mixed in did not deter a good number of people from seeking an adventure experience in the local woods.

The area contains on its east side an intricate web of trails requiring good map reading skills and the ability to make fast decisions while the west side features dense vegetation. The scale of the map (1:5000) allow for more subtle map features and the use of bigger symbols for increased readability. It also caused some faster runners, unaccustomed to this scale, to overrun a few control features.

Results produced fast times including the winning times of Lunsford/ Ruskin group, Marina Poluektov and Nick Arden on the beginners' white course, which were on par with the advanced runners in terms of speed (expressed in minutes per kilometer). Women dominated the orange course; Ema Larsson, Sarah Klaban, Sari Rantanen and Tanya Backiew had the top four fastest times.

Janne Markala, as always when he comes to local meets, had the best time on the red course and fastest overall speed of 6:57 minutes/km which also included stop on control #12 to draw the second half of the course.

Klaban Family and later on Rich Gaylord handled registration. Jim Rogers, Dave McCaulay and Charlie Shabazian picked up control bags. Thank You.