Results from meet

September 24 , 2000
Swallow Cliff Forest Preserve

Charlie Shabazian, Meet Director

Well over 100 orienteers turned out for a gloomy looking day to slip slide in the steep ravines of Swallow Cliff. The orienteers were greeted with longer than usual courses on the Green and the Red courses. The rain the day before turned the slopes of the ravines to a muddy slippery mess that made sliding down and climbing back out a challenge.  One mistake out on the red and green courses had two of the control numbers switched. My apology for this error. Most people knew right away that there was error in the control codes, however some orienteers lost time on this mistake. Many thanks for help goes to Mike Bond and Gale Teshendorf for manning the registration table and Jim Rogers for start and finish and Scott Scanton for help with control pickup.