Results from meet

November 12 , 2000
Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve

Rich Gaylord, Meet Director

CAOC needed every square inch of the very spacious shelter at Argonne Employee Park to accommodate the over 250 people who showed up to orienteer. A revised map of “Waterfall Glen East” was used. A supply of 140 maps, including preprinted courses for the Orange, Green and Red courses, turned out to be not enough maps for this day! There are a long list of people to thank for this event, but I want to start with those who gave up their maps when they were finished for others to use; I do not know you names—Thank You!

Another indication of the large turn-out was the consumption of 120+ bagels donated by the Great American Bagel Company. The event was marred by vandalism (2 stolen controls that were common on the Orange, Green and Red courses), and by two controls that were moved from the location where they were originally placed (not sure of the cause). These instances are frustrating for the competitors who have difficultly locating the control marker and for the meet organizers who work hard to make sure everything is placed properly.

Now for the other Thank Yous! Registration: Paul Basbagil, Carl Rollins, Jim Todd; Map replenishing:  Joe Sehnal, Leonid Shatskin; Orienteering instruction: Jim Marshall and Dave McCaulay; Results Calculation: Nina Sebbas, Marie Larsson and Emma Larsson; Control setup or pickup: Nina Sebbas, Charlie Shahbazian, Mikhail Pekour, Carl Larsson, Christine Gaylord, Clark Maxfield, Bill Bollig, and Joe Sehnal.