Poplar Creek Sprint & Bike-O
08 Jun 2008

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Note from the meet director:

Thanks to everybody who came out to Poplar Creek sprints. We had a moderate turn out, probably due to unpredictable weather. Those who came out early enough, enjoyed overcast skies, and cool temperatures. Those who came out later in the day "enjoyed" thunder, lightning, and torrential rains. People were soaked, visibility reduced, and parts of the second sprint flooded and turned into one enormous swamp. The rain came and went twice, we kept moving the start tables deeper and deeper into the shelter, and yet people continued to run, finish, and even go out on the bike-O course. Nobody seemed to mind the weather too much, probably due to warm temperatures. The Bike-O proved to be a limited success, those who tried it seemed to like it, but only a few people tried, surely the weather being a factor. Personally I'd like to see more bike-O events offered, they complement nicely sprints and other nonstandard events which are often held on smaller, flatter maps. (Can a canoe-O/bike-O combination be far behind?)

Anyway, I would like to thank all the volunteers who made my job ridiculously easy, such as Lenny Valentina and Gregory Shatskin, for designing, setting the courses, and running registration, Steve Breeze - registration, Michael Collins, Elena Maliuta, Elena Backiev, Juliya Prokofeva- results, Morris, IL boy scouts, Tonya Kuzmis, Boris Tannenbaum and Steve Capps-control pickup.

Thanks, Viktor


Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Jan Erik Naess0:24:00
2Troop 57 Super0:25:00
3Justyna Stukin0:30:00
4Robin Thomas & Pepper0:31:00
5Weekend Wandergas0:34:00
6Lack of Originality0:35:00
7Sudhir Singamsethi0:36:00
8Magnus Naess0:38:00
9Pringle Family0:40:00
10Brendan Chapman0:49:00
12Krystyna Cygielska1:02:00
13Heather Bradley1:03:00
14Mary Roback1:07:00
15Laura Weiss1:07:00
 Kyle O'SheaDNF
Yellow Course
1Troop 57 Adults0:41:00
3Rick Adlaw0:52:00
4Charles Pospisil0:54:00
5Patrick & Jody Holahan0:57:00
7Rachel Pospisil1:05:00
8Hanson Four1:05:00
9Larry Roth2:42:00
 Preys FamilyDNF
 Sudhir SingamsethiDNF
 Tina NataliDNF
 Three Blind MiceDNF
 Krystyna CygielskaDNF
Orange Course
1Dan Curley1:02:55
2Yulia Hanson1:03:55
3Lise Valentine1:25:09
4Emily Carroll2:02:47
5Randy Hansen2:23:12
6Chris Gladwin44:55:00
 Team Cuyler WalkerDNF
 Kristina SmithDNF
 Colleen CroninDNF
 Rod AyersDNF
 Tom FavaleDNF
 Wojciech GolecDNF
Sprint 1 Course
1Jeff Shaw0:16:33
2Maricel Olaru0:17:57
3Alex Kirpichonak0:18:28
4Oivind Naess0:20:22
5Michael Collins0:20:33
6Charlie Shahbazian0:21:52
7Doug Bonfield1:02:53
8Eugene Backeiv24:18:00
9Palotas Zsuzsa26:39:00
10David Yang29:01:00
11Natalia Babeti29:37:00
12Dennis Hughes2:00:06
13Carl Larsson31:23:00
14Tonya Kuzmis34:57:00
15Steve Capps50:34:00
16Phil Bush52:29:00
17Chris Svoboda57:34:00
18Vita Veita58:59:00
 Krista PospisilDNF
 Steve BreeseDNF
 Tobogon RunnersDNF
Sprint 2 Course
1Oivind Naess0:18:52
2Alex Kirpichonak0:19:21
3Michael Collins0:20:45
4Eugene Backeiv0:20:57
5Carl Larsson0:21:40
6Maricel Olaru0:21:41
7Charlie Shahbazian0:22:56
8Jeff Shaw0:23:33
9Natalia Babeti0:26:42
10Steve Capps0:26:54
11Palotas Zsuzsa0:28:29
12David Yang0:32:04
13Tonya Kuzmis0:35:20
14Chris Svoboda0:37:37
15Krista Pospisil0:42:57
16Phil Bush0:46:03
17Dennis Hughes1:10:22
18Vita Veita1:18:53
 Steve BreeseDNF
Bike Course
1Maricel Olaru0:47:00
2Jeff Shaw0:50:57
3Steve Capps1:00:00
4Gordy Two (2)3:00:24
 Charlie ShabazianDNF

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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