Willow Springs
26 Oct 2008

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Meet Director's Report:

I was a bit pessimistic in the days before the meet. The weather forecast was for rain and/or sleet. Tom Favale, our course setter, announced that as of 5:00 pm on Saturday, there were hundreds of Boy Scouts camping at our start location and there was no parking available. And I had a total of three volunteers lined up to help run the meet.

My worries were for naught. The wind and cold held off until late afternoon giving us perfect running weather. The sun was out and gave great views of the leaves starting their color change.

The Boy Scouts were up early Sunday morning, breaking camp as we were setting up – a seamless transition. Many scouts and their parents participated in our event.

And numerous volunteers stepped up to help make this meet a success. Special thanks to John Roeser, Ms. Strang, and Michael Schneiderman for running the registration, Carl Larssen for providing the beginners clinics, Paul Muffler for entering all runners into the e-punch system (while coordinating his 18 Taft HS JROTC charges), and Oivind Naess, Tracy Hixon, Charlie Shahbazian, Jeff Shaw, and one really tall guy whose name I didn’t get (sorry!) for control pickup. I know that I have missed a few others who jumped in as necessary to make this meet a success.

And special thanks to our course setter, Tom Favale, for putting together these five great courses. Though some of the competitors found their courses a bit challenging, I talked to a number of finishers from all the courses who thoroughly who enjoyed themselves.

We are also grateful to our event sponsor, REI – Oakbrook Terrace, and their representative, Margie Martinson. Margie attended the meet and provided REI discount cards, hot chocolate and other goodies for meet attendees. CAOC is the club of the month at REI – Oakbrook Terrace and we appreciate their support.

Thanks for coming to the meet. We should have the results up shortly. See you next week at Cap Sauer and in a few weeks at Poplar Creek.

Nick Preys (Meet Director)


Red, Green, and Orange ePunch results can be found here: Standard and Extended.


White Course
1Connor Shaw0:16:30
2Summer Shaw0:17:30
3Peter Specialle0:19:00
4Lasota Group (4)0:19:02
5Warhawk Team #1 (5)0:23:00
6David Friedman (3)0:25:00
7ZB-3 (4)0:27:10
8ZB-4 (5)0:28:00
9Warhawk Team #2 (5)0:28:00
10Magnus Naess0:29:00
11Smith (4)0:30:00
12Sharon Afacinski0:30:40
13Freedman (4)0:33:00
14Winnike (2)0:34:00
15Superstars (2)0:35:00
16Julia Poluektova0:36:00
17Vanessa Melbye0:37:00
18David Buettner (2)0:39:00
19Larry Desch (4)0:40:00
20Wheeling #1 (5)0:42:02
21Jan Erik Naess0:43:00
22Janet Naess (4)0:47:00
23Lost & Found (2)0:49:00
Yellow Course
1Valerie Metz0:45:24
2ZB-5 (5)0:47:00
4265 Sharks (5)0:49:00
5265 Jacks (6)0:54:17
6MMJ (3)0:56:00
7ZB-2 (4)1:00:00
8Friddle (2)1:00:00
9MMJ (4)1:00:20
10Team Craig (5)1:02:20
11Thomas-Holmes (2)1:04:00
12Amador (3)1:07:45
13Group Me (4)1:08:00
14Troop 924 (3)1:08:30
15Potter-Berke (2)1:09:00
16Troop 309 (5)1:10:20
17Mena Eswin1:13:00
18SC Johnson (2)1:16:00
19D. Wight (4)1:17:00
20Nick Workman1:20:00
21Sewards (2)1:20:00
22Peter Specialle1:24:00
23Troop 309-2 (4)1:26:00
24Busdekers (2)1:29:25
25Gaget Gals (2)1:34:00
26Wheeling HS #21:34:21
27Team Roth (2)1:36:00
28Siegel (3)1:37:00
29Team Sad Rock (4)1:45:00
31Poces Bell 4 (4)2:00:00
32Nee (3)2:05:00
33Achievers (3)2:05:00
35Conor Cimo (2)2:20:00
36Magnetic Deviation (3)2:26:00
 David Friedman (5)DNF
 Lost & Found (2)DNF
 Milos & Angela (3)DNF
 Winnike (2)DNF
Orange Course
1Kennedy (2)0:49:00
2Dan Curley1:03:48
3Andrew Metz1:05:58
4Dan Markham1:11:03
5Yulia Hamnson1:16:21
6Peter Bilwacks1:18:00
7Tracy Hixon1:19:51
8Group LETTS Orienteering1:22:23
9Don McGovern1:28:14
10Chris Truty1:29:17
11Rod Ayers1:30:15
12Kevin Broackmann1:37:13
13Gadget Gals (2)1:38:30
14Wojciech Golec1:50:20
15Patrick Holahan1:51:35
16Group Miller1:55:28
17Ray and Nancy Stoddard (2)1:56:00
18Groups Cuyler Markus1:59:52
19Katrina Ewert2:00:00
20Olaru Olaru2:03:46
21Cindy Bannon2:13:00
22David Stronz2:13:16
23Fabian Sansona2:13:29
24Christian Salazar2:14:38
25Rodrigo Fuentes2:14:46
26Anothony Gibson2:15:45
27Group Roeser2:40:07
28Group Sweeny2:57:40
29Dennis Hughes2:57:52
 Walquist (2)DNF
 Simonds (3)DNF
 Craig Zabel (2)DNF
 Becky Lenz (2)DNF
 Larry SwansonDNF

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.

Extended format ePunch results can be found here.


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