Country Lane Woods
6 June 2010

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Meet Director's Report:


We couldn’t have asked for better weather for an orienteering meet. That is, except for those hardy ones picking up controls after the meet when the clouds opened up and soaked us. But it soon cleared and the sun dried us once again.

We had a strong turnout of 82 groups that participated in the Score-O event. This was a tough challenge that really emphasized time management. The course was set well by Rich Gaylord; a sweep of all 30 controls was not achieved. Some came close; Maricel O. took the top position on the long course, locating 28 of the controls. Oivind N. was just behind; he also located 28 controls, but was a bit over the time limit.

On the short course, there were two competitors with 9 points with the top finish going to Cari Anderson with a quicker time. The medium course’s highest points went to Tom Favale with 23 points and the Shaw 3 group a close second at 20 points.

The thick vegetation of the forest at this time of year makes the course a bit more challenging. Reviews from some of the runners indicated that two of the tougher controls to find were #60 and #57. Hats off to the scout troop that found #60 on their first time orienteering. You earned that merit badge! Control #57 became my personal nemesis. Three weeks ago, when we went out to flag the course, I got spun around in the area of #57. So I decided to set the control for #57 the day before the meet and again, I was wandering aimlessly before I located the correct position. Refusing to let it get the best of me, I chose to pick it up after the meet. I found it! These weren’t hidden, just located in challenging terrain.

The use of the e-punch for all participants proved to be a success. This allowed very accurate scoring and timing, and enabled the runner to move more quickly in and out of the control as punching a score card is not required. E-punch is used at all of our regular meets for the orange, green, and red courses.

Most importantly, what made this meet a success was the time and help from all the volunteers. A round of Thank You goes to Rich G. for setting the course, Mike C., Jim G, and Kathy B. for administering the e-punch scoring and timing. Also to the volunteers at registration, Jeff M., Viktor N., Tina and Josh W., Paul H., and Carrie H. And the wet ones on control pickup, Charlie, Chris G., Maricel, Rich and Allan T.

Hope to see you at the next meet.


E-Punch Coordinators Report:
This is the first time we've used e-punch for a Score-O event so I hope those new to using the electronic controls enjoyed the experience. We used a different version of the e-punch software to manage the event and the Split Times Report is a little different to what we're used to seeing, so I want to briefly explain the layout. The first line with your place & name is pretty straight forward, the points are what you actually collected but the score is what you're left with after any penalties are applied. Under this you have the control number, with it's points value in parenthesis. The second line is your cumulative time with the third line showing the actual time it took you to get to that control from the previous control. Because it's up to you to choose the controls you collect (and the order in which you collect them) you need to read the detail carefully if you're comparing your results to someone else's.

In the Final Results (below) the digit for the hour isn't displaying. I'm not sure why but the minutes:seconds are OK and it hasn't affected the overall placings.

Finally, for some instructional fun, we're going to put this event on RouteGadget so you can use it's features to compare your decisions and routes against others. We're not sure what a Score-O event will look like but it should be interesting. It only works if you go in and plot your actual route so please take some time to do this so we can all make the most of it. The link to RouteGadget is at the end of the links on the CAOC home page. (Also here.) There are also some instructions on how to use RouteGadget.

Thanks to Chris, Rich & Michael and their teams for taking on the challenge of an e-punch Score-O and making it a great success.



For the summary of results, click here.

For detailed split-time results, click here.

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