Poplar Creek
23 Apr 2011

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Meet Director's Report:

Overcast and windy, Saturday's weather started out gloomy. Start time was 9:30. The clouds broke and the sun appeared along with the first runners. Water levels were high on the course, as many returning orienteers pointed out the high water marks on their jerseys. Crossing streams waist deep and balancing on steel beams were just some of the challenges the day before Easter; fortunately, burrs and stickers were not prominent on the course- just lots of mud.

Medals were handed out for the top three finishers on the Orange course. Top prize went to Jeff Luteyn. Second place went to son and Dad team Adam & Michael Reese. Third place was awarded to Martie Kennedy in absentia. Congratulations!

The next meet on Saturday, May 7th have awards for the top three finishers for the YELLOW and GREEN courses.

Thanks for everyone who volunteered; the Regulars: Chris Svoboda, Rich Gaylord, Charlie Shahbazian, and some Newbies: Jeff Luteyn, Wangki Yuen, and Karen & Hannah Doren.


Standard format ePunch results can be found here.

Extended format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Henrik Naess          0:31:31
2Thomas Foersteling    0:32:55
3Eric Eler             0:36:10
4Magnus Naess          0:36:52
5Sena Neja             0:40:34
6Bob Pedersen          0:42:14
7William Baltutis      0:52:36
8Travis Stone          0:59:10
9Taylor Okamoto        0:59:30
10Patrick Coneff        1:03:31
11White Flamingos       1:08:00
Yellow Course
1Jan Erik Naess        0:28:04
2Patrick Coneff        0:30:00
3Greg Laramore         0:36:40
4Wheeling Team         0:37:40
5Curley Jr.            0:39:42
6Andersen              0:46:48
7Thomas Foersteling    0:51:05
8Bob Pedersen          0:54:20
9Eder                  0:56:30
10Team Koso             0:58:50
11Team Pooperscooper    1:15:12
12Kathleen Eccles       1:18:30
13Cyndi DeBock          1:18:30
14M.E. Eccles           1:18:30
15Alex Tim              1:19:00
16Brunner               1:20:09
Orange Course
1Jamie Jarr            2:00:00
 Horse With No Name    MSP
 Greg Laramore         MSP
 Wheeling Team II      MSP
Red Course
 Drew Howard DNF

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.

Extended format ePunch results can be found here.


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