Miami Woods
22 May 2011

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Predictions of rain never materialized, and we had a great day for orienteering at Miami Woods. The Miami Woods map was completely reworked by Michael Collins prior to the meet with excellent results. The small map is a challenge for course setting but Carl Larsson came through with creative challenges on all of the courses.

The White and Yellow courses were very competitive. On White, Sarah Bajkowski took first by just 26 seconds over Curley Jr. On Yellow, Jurga Seskeviciute won by 5 minutes but the next four finishers were all within 2 minutes of each other. The sprint courses were just as competitive with the top five finishers all within about 3 minutes of each other on the combined two courses, but the awards for first place went to Chris Svoboda and Kathy Bullard as the first male and female finishers.

No meet can be successful without help. Carl Larsson and Michael Collins spent a lot of time getting the map ready and were there the entire day helping. Yan and Gordon Pearce showed up extra early to help with registration. Tonya Kuzmis, Tracy Hixon, Joe and Katie Sackett, and Chris Svoboda were of great help. Charlie Shahbazian again donated the awards. Thanks again to everyone who volunteered.

Bruce & Valerie Metz


Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Sarah Bajkowski (2)0:25:03
2Curley Jr.0:25:29
3Team Eagle (3)0:31:20
4Raspe (3)0:31:34
5Chad Sunday0:35:00
7Howard 3 (5)0:42:10
8Rick Warskow (4)0:42:25
9Conrad (6)0:46:30
10Pink Dragons (5)0:48:26
11Troop 228-Bob (4)0:48:50
12Sara McBride (2)0:59:25
13D.Q. Dodgers (2)0:59:49
14Purple Unicorns (4)1:04:53
 Whitmore (2)DNF
Yellow Course
1Jurga Seskeviciute0:27:40
2Greg Larramore0:32:57
3Milan Bhatt0:33:12
4Valerie Metz0:34:11
5Edwin Castaneda0:34:12
6Team Haney (2)0:42:30
7Team Brat (2)0:43:18
8Cisco Ola Son0:44:22
9Brian Adamusik0:46:18
10Sarah Bajkowski (2)0:46:26
11John & Vicki (2)0:46:45
12O Perez0:48:50
13Moira McShane (2)0:51:40
14E Perez0:54:16
15Elmgophers IL (2)0:57:36
16Raspe (3)0:58:26
17Julie Castillo0:59:33
18Kirby (4)1:05:31
19Paul Neumann (2)1:09:55
20Me Alone1:10:00
21Rick Warskow (4)1:12:15
22Brunner (3)1:14:45
23Lightning (2)1:23:45
24Conrad (6)1:24:05
25Riverside Girls (3)1:26:45
26Sunkist Trio (3)1:29:30
27Flaming Arrow Patrol (2)1:30:10
28Melanny Buitron1:39:22
 Katie EcclesDNF
Sprint1 Course
1Oivind Naess0:20:31
2Chris Svoboda0:20:54
3Nicolari Mejevoi0:21:37
4Kathy Bullard0:23:14
5Charlie Shahbazian0:23:17
6Jeff Luteyn0:25:54
7Joe Sackett0:26:23
8Ivan Petrov0:27:13
9Eric Olsen0:27:30
10Wangki Yuen0:28:56
11Michael Reese0:31:02
12Adam Reese0:31:03
13Tonya Kuzmis0:31:07
14Viktor Nikolenko0:33:57
15Dan Curley0:35:07
16Tom Favale0:38:13
17Jeff Porter0:39:02
18Pavel Lapitsky0:40:36
19Lisa McNerney0:41:03
20Gordon Pearce0:41:39
21Jose Sosa0:54:21
22Vita Veita0:56:01
23Dan Markham0:58:29
24Robert Elliot1:19:20
25Paul Leyderman1:24:38
 Matt BaughmanMSP
 Michael CollinsMSP
Sprint2 Course
1Chris Svoboda0:19:49
2Charlie Shahbazian0:20:17
3Matt Baughman0:20:34
4Oivind Naess0:20:49
5Kathy Bullard0:20:52
6Nicolai Mejevoi0:21:22
7Joe Sackett0:21:58
8Wangki Yuen0:22:19
9Ivan Petrov0:23:59
10Katie Sackett0:24:01
11Viktor Nikolenko0:24:33
12Pavel Lapitaskiy0:25:20
13Tonya Kuzmis0:25:37
14Jeff Luteyn0:25:40
15Eric Olsen0:28:00
16Dan Markham0:30:27
17Dan Curley0:34:23
18Lisa McNerney0:35:00
19Jeff Porter0:37:12
20Greg Larramore0:37:32
21Gordon Pearce0:39:12
22Megan Lutz0:41:21
23Vita Veita0:48:21
24Jose Sosa0:50:48
25Paul Leyderman0:55:51
 Michael CollinsMSP
 Patrick ConeffMSP
 Tracy HixonMSP
Combined Course
1Chris Svoboda00:40:43
2Oivind Naess00:41:20
3Nicolai Mejevoi00:42:59
4Charlie Shahbazian00:43:34
5Kathy Bullard00:44:06
6Joe Sackett00:48:21
7Ivan Petrov00:51:12
8Wangki Yuen00:51:15
9Jeff Luteyn00:51:34
10Eric Olsen00:55:30
11Tonya Kuzmis00:56:44
12Viktor Nikolenko00:58:30
13Pavel Lapitsky01:05:56
14Dan Curley01:09:30
15Lisa McNerney01:16:03
16Jeff Porter01:16:14
17Vita Veita01:44:22
18Jose Sosa01:45:09
19Paul Leyderman02:20:29

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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