Willow Springs
06 Nov 2011

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This was a well attended meet as many of you know as the parking was full when you arrived. There were a few reasons for such a large turnout, great weather for November, an extra hour of sleep with the time change, and no Bears game. A perfect combination for a run in the woods. In addition there were a lot of youth groups that participated.

The orange course had the most participants and unfortunately we had a problem with this course as one of the controls was apparently stolen between the time it was placed in the woods and the start of the run. This was the 5th control on the course which was #40. The control was replaced once we learned of it but by that time many runners had already been on the course and spent a lot of time looking for it to no avail. This control was not counted in the results but unfortunately there is no method to compensate for the amount of time spent looking for the missing control. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The results for the orange course indicate a lot of missed punches (MSP), and that was due to the fact that many runners actually visited the wrong control for the 8th control. Most of our meets have five different courses so there are many controls in the woods, and we follow guidelines of not having any controls closer than 75 meters. It's always important to check control numbers on the clue sheet to verify you are at the correct location.

Thank you for all who attended this meet, and we look forward to seeing you at our next run at Harms Woods.

Chris Svoboda Meet Director

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.

Extended format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1EA6 (2)0:27:40
2Henrik Naess (2)0:28:19
3EA4 (2)0:28:25
4Magnus Naess0:29:00
5EA1 (2)0:30:00
6EA9 (2)0:30:17
7EA10 (3)0:30:50
8Kevin Wall0:31:49
9EA2 (3)0:36:20
10Debbie Roberts0:39:00
11Tigers (2)0:42:00
12EA5 (3)0:45:05
13Team Raven (2)0:45:36
14Kelly Zink (2)0:48:00
15Neumann Busters (5)0:50:50
16Elllen Wohlberg (2)0:51:48
17EA3 (2)0:53:30
18Wehmanns (7)0:59:17
19Cathy Moran1:05:48
20Kitch (4)1:09:02
21Ron micek (2)1:09:47
22Team Bannon (5)1:11:55
23 Team awesome (4)1:12:04
24Vanessa Woodworth (2)1:15:00
25Valerie Johnson (5)1:15:05
26EA7 (2)1:20:00
27Mege Team (2)1:20:51
28EA8 (2)1:21:02
29John Frawley (2)1:52:22
30Whitmore Family (2)2:01:00
31Rocky (3)2:02:20
 Matt Moran (2)DNF
 Jake MiceliDNF
Yellow Course
1Conner & Jeff (2)0:35:45
2Jan Erik Naess0:39:00
3Valerie Metz0:42:00
4Sandy & Bill (2)0:44:53
5Fred Pratt0:47:40
6Haunnika Dog (4)0:54:30
77-11ers (3)0:58:05
8Patrick & Chris (3)1:01:40
9Are we there yet (2)1:04:00
10Me alone1:05:00
11Nate & Demi (2)1:06:50
12Mege Team (4)1:11:48
13Brunner (2)1:12:03
14Going Medium1:12:26
15Elm Gophers (3)1:13:30
16Too much trouble (2)1:15:37
17Ellen Wohlberg (2)1:15:42
18Wallquist (2)1:16:36
19Bloyd-Peshkin (3)1:19:50
20Jackson Ballard (4)1:20:25
21ZB4 (4)1:26:05
22Baby Seals (5)1:26:10
23ZB5 (4)1:28:50
24Wombats (2)1:29:00
25Dave McGovern (3)1:33:05
26Shooting Stars (4)1:34:25
27Ramblers (5)1:36:20
28Linda Anderson1:41:21
29Troop 318 (3)1:50:50
30Team Ziveles (5)2:19:50
31Aguilas (6)2:19:52
32Troop 45 (3)2:28:30
33Troop 45 Ulta ?O? (3)2:36:40
Orange Course
1Aurora 3 (2)0:51:00
2Aurora 6 (2)0:59:00
3Dan Curley1:04:02
4Aurora 10 (2)1:07:00
5Rich Gaylord1:08:54
6Aurora 11 (2)1:14:00
7Aurora 9 (2)1:16:00
8Slytheria (2)1:27:00
9Danny Riley1:34:12
10Michael Lazalde1:40:53
11Isaac Espin1:41:42
12Carl & Robin Larsson1:44:05
13Johnathan Gum1:47:48
14Mateusz Buksa1:49:47
15Joseph Fregoso1:50:51
16Jose Mora1:51:53
17Tracy Hixon1:52:20
19Erik Guaman1:53:53
20Milan Bhatt1:54:18
21Lukasz Kornas2:07:48
22Marko Matviychuk2:08:39
23Steven Pohl2:09:20
25John Jones2:21:00
26Chris Wes (2)2:26:00
27Wanderers (4)2:27:00
28Craig Zabel (3)2:28:00
29Aurora 2 (2)2:31:00
30Bambi (3)2:36:00
31Sneakers Otoole (2)2:48:00
32Team Upward2:50:07
33Aurora 1 (4)2:51:00
34Oswaldo Perez2:57:30
35Tim Kustusch (2)2:59:00
36Vasquez (2)2:59:00
37Garcia (2)3:00:00
38Gryfindor (2)3:06:00
 Aurora 5 (4)DNF
 John RoeserMSP
 Paul RoundyMSP
 East Aurora 1MSP
 East Aurora 2MSP
 Brian AdamusikMSP
 Erik AlbrightMSP
 Julio CastilloMSP
 Patryk CimickiMSP
 Gerard DudzinskiMSP
 Michal DziewiatkowskiMSP
 Dulce EscutiaMSP
 Nicolas MatschineggMSP
 Jacob ParkerMSP
 Sebastian PazikMSP
 Ernesto PerezMSP
 Eric RadziszewskiMSP
 Kyle RinholmMSP
 Kevin RuedaMSP
 Brian RufinoMSP
 Jesus TorresMSP
 Angela ZunigaMSP
 Team DamroseMSP
Green Course
1Bruce Metz1:00:34
2Stanimir Pandelov1:01:27
3Peter Friddle1:04:37
4Leonid Shatskin1:13:01
5Lisa McNerney1:21:50
6Teschendorf Gale1:24:11
7Tom Favale1:27:03
8Dan Markham1:28:09
9Adam Reese1:49:19
10Michael Reese1:49:24
11Pavel Snopok1:50:28
12Eric Washington1:53:21
13Rob Neumeyer1:59:09
14Paul Henke2:10:12
15David Burns2:19:02
16Michael Schneiderman2:20:46
17Donatas Ramanauskas2:39:10
 Toboggan RunnersMSP
 Vita VietaMSP
 Nick PreysMSP
Red Course
1Mattias Eriksson0:46:34
2Oivind Naess0:51:02
3Michael Collins0:56:20
4Erik Martinez0:59:53
5Matt Baughman1:00:47
6Wangki Yuen1:05:33
7Chris Gladwin1:08:34
8Tokuro Yamaki1:10:07
9Nicolai Mejevoi1:10:08
10Chris Svoboda1:11:08
11Ivan Petrov1:14:46
12JP Bordeleau1:21:08
13Kuzmis Tonya1:25:53
14Jeff Luteyn1:29:10
18Jeff Porter1:54:34
20Eric Olson1:58:01
21Alla Mezhevaya1:59:14
22Jim & Joe Hertz2:17:45

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.

Extended format ePunch results can be found here.


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