Linne Woods
09 Jun 2013

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The Linne woods meet was our last meet of the spring season, or the first meet of the summer season, depending on how you look at it. The weather proved to be appropriate, with warm temperatures and a good dose of humidity thrown in. At least the promised rains never materialized, and my fears of setting controls in the rain remained just fears. Our setup was unusual for this meet in that we had our registration in one forest preserve, and start/finish and actual courses in another. This did not present too much of a problem however, due to many signs put up by Natalia to direct people to the start. At least one runner lost his first sprint split after he did the second one without downloading, and at least one runner ( Charlie ) was clever enough to run with two e-punch sticks for sprint 1 and 2 to avoid having to come back to download in-between. As is typical for this network of forest preserves, there were lots deer, trails, very shallow features, lush vegetation and obligatory river and bicycle trail with most controls in direct vicinity of the former or the later. The day went by smoothly, all due to great volunteer effort by Alan Tigtig, Kathy Bullard, Lena and Alex Maliuta, Chris Svoboda, Olga Sklyanskiy, Lise Valentine, Lenny Shatskin, and of course Natalia, who had to go back into the woods several times to investigate reports of missing controls. All in all a great summer day, in the woods.


Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Henrik naess0:33:55
2Frank Otte0:54:08
3Trip 130:54:37
4Jokesters 1:00:39
5Baranecls 1:01:00
6Naga 1:05:48
7Jean Whitmore4:32:56
Yellow Course
1Frank Rehor0:47:31
2Barnyt 0:48:01
3Natalist 0:48:16
4Andrew's team1:00:28
5John and michell1:04:57
6Maas 1:06:03
7Lost in pace1:09:16
8Sofia Martinez1:11:39
9Team Three Squirrels1:21:37
10sauntering squirrel1:24:11
11Clemmie 1:57:06
12martha 2:00:57
Orange Course
1Jan Erik Naess0:34:56
2Tam Scadwel Trup 130:37:22
3Ben Gerems0:38:59
4Diablos de Tierra0:39:59
5Zora 0:40:39
6Fairfield Mules Racing0:42:34
7Roge Salas0:49:20
8Hugo Roman0:49:57
9Edger Salas0:50:05
10Huskis 0:51:09
11Boris Tannenbaum0:54:03
12sam Choaldkl0:57:24
13Carle Richerd0:59:18
14Plante 1:03:56
15Alan T1:06:23
16Dp Micke1:06:55
17Tate 1:11:55
18Fiting Sherprash1:22:35
19rudimarik 1:24:31
20Sunshine 1:34:35
21Jeff Markus1:36:43
22Van 1:44:29
 Carle RollinsMSP
 Daniel HussMSP
 Jon HussMSP
 Mcallistr MSP
Sprint_i Course
1Oivind Naess0:24:14
2Chris Svoboda0:27:41
3Charlie Shahbazian0:29:21
4Kathy Bullard0:30:06
5Jan Christiansen0:30:41
6Wangki 0:31:08
7Jeff Luteyn0:33:20
8Lise Valentine0:33:59
9Carl Larsson0:34:23
10Dan Markham0:35:43
11Matt Suchomel0:36:27
12Chris Gladwin0:36:32
13Peter Friddle0:36:48
14Dan Curley0:42:14
15David Yang0:42:41
16Leonid Shatskin0:42:43
17Lisa McNerney0:45:06
18Felix T0:47:42
19M&R 0:48:07
20Ah Moo0:56:36
 Jason LorenzMSP
 Michael ReeseMSP
Sprint_ii Course
1Bruce Spottiswoode0:19:34
2Jen Christiansen0:21:57
3Chris Svoboda0:22:25
4Wangki 0:23:18
5Charlie Shahbazian0:23:44
6Jesson Lorens0:24:49
7Matt Suchomel0:25:22
8Peter Friddle0:25:47
9criss Gladwan0:27:11
10Leonid Shatskin0:27:54
11Jeff Luteyn0:28:46
12Lisa McNerney0:30:45
13Teschendorf 0:31:12
14Lise Valentine0:31:56
15Michael Reese0:33:51
16Dan Curley0:35:15
17Ah Bear0:42:56
18Felix Tritschler0:44:31
19john roeser0:53:11
 Dan MarkhamMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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