Veteran Acres
12 Oct 2013

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Standard format ePunch results can be found here.

Split times can also be viewed at Attack Point.


Short Course
1The Virgins0:32:24
2Franks Family0:54:52
3Morgen Hodgetts0:55:26
4Kolpeckers 1:07:57
5Help, Come Find Us1:11:48
6Pirates 1:26:38
Medium Course
1Peter Friddle0:53:39
2Leif Anderson & Mia MacMerdie1:01:50
3Adam Reese1:02:21
4Michael Reese1:02:38
5Creatures of the Night1:03:14
6Team RP1:29:20
7Vita Veita1:38:54
8Jim Companik1:42:08
9Clark Companik1:42:15
10Team Damrose1:51:01
11Madeline McCarren1:53:34
 Cindy PfaumillerMSP
 Mules RacingMSP
 Michelle HuynhMSP
 Troop 323MSP
 blue zebraMSP
Long Course
1Mattias Eriksson 0:51:02
2Michael Collins1:03:08
3Joe Senhal1:21:45
4Eric Olsen 1:27:31
5Petru Dinu1:52:57
6Patrick Coneff1:53:50
7Ben Jones2:04:23
8Michael Geary2:08:48
 Larry-Harry MSP
 Sean SmrtMSP
 Chris BirksMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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