Harms Woods
23 Feb 2014

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Special thanks to all the volunteers who made today's event possible:

Meet director: Tonya Kuzmis

Course setter: Chris Svoboda

Course reviewer: Michael Collins

Pre-registration: Michael Collins

Beginners’ clinic: Michael Collins

Control pickup: Rich Gaylord, Michael Reese, Charlie Shahbazian , and Oivind Naess



Yellow Course
1Loyola 10:27:00
2Loose Bolts (3)0:38:00
3Robin Larsson0:38:08
4Loyola A0:54:37
5Damaris & Reece1:03:00
Madnaess Course
1Oivind Naess0:33:50
2Natalia Deconescu0:34:40
3Maricel Olaru0:35:15
4Chris Gladwin0:36:51
5Micahel Collins0:39:00
6Michael Reese0:40:30
7David Yang0:44:08
8Carl Larsson0:48:25
9Victor Nikolenko0:49:58
10Matt Suchomel0:50:48
11Darn Curley0:52:55
12Eric Olsen0:55:34
13Michael Geary0:55:36
14Ben Jones0:57:05
15Loyola 10:57:08
16Daniel Durkin1:06:55
17Pavel Snopok1:08:28
18Dan Markham1:10:40
19Gordon Pearson1:13:20
20Madeline McCarren1:13:25
21Kirk Anderson1:14:15
 Gale TeschendorfDNF


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