Country Lane
04 May 2014

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Unfortunately, we had some issues with the ePunch equipment at Country Lane. We were able to straighten out most of the problems, although the spilt times for orange/green/red might be off in a few places. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the webmaster.

We hope everyone enjoyed the weather. Our thanks to the volunteers who made the event possible: Control pickup - Natalia Deconescu, Mike Reese, Dan Curley, Rich Gaylord, Chris Gladwin. Water control placement: Adam Reese. Registration check-in: Rich Gaylord and Linda Anderson. Finish check-in: Adam Reese. Beginner's Clinic: Kathy Bullard. Meet director - Mike Reese. Course setter: Chris Gladwin. Result post-processing and correction - Michael Collins.

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Henrik Naess0:24:45
2Thunder Buddies0:26:45
3Blackhawks 0:27:29
4Tony 0:28:35
5Joey Galindo0:37:36
6Steve Galindo0:37:44
7Dean Johnson0:37:51
8Alex Wallace0:39:48
9Cailin and dad0:41:02
10Finley & Reed0:42:24
11Magnus Naess0:42:30
12Theo Jerva0:44:33
13Hatfield Clan0:49:19
14Chloe Jerva0:51:56
15Kral 0:52:17
16Whitmore 1:28:12
Yellow Course
1Matthew Fox0:31:12
2Valerie Metz0:37:02
3Fred Pratt0:39:16
4My Andersen0:41:31
5Kellam 0:41:48
6Jeff Goodin0:42:48
7Team LA0:42:54
8Sandy and Bill0:42:56
9The Cool Awesome People0:50:00
10Koert Miller0:50:13
11Larsson Robin0:53:12
12Casey 1:01:14
13Nihad Albahrani1:02:49
14Revalo 1:03:21
15Lost and Eaten by Squirrels1:04:56
16Wallquist 1:11:26
17Warhawks 1:16:40
18Sullivan 1:18:11
19Two Demeritts1:18:38
20Kenton 1:26:28
21Xi Wang1:29:06
 Squeaky SquadMSP
Orange Course
1Jan Erik Naess0:34:00
2Rob McLennan0:37:39
3Annika Frid0:43:44
4Gregory Polshyn0:50:39
5Paul Polewaczyk0:59:43
6Ian Haney1:00:34
7Nick Preys1:02:45
8Madeline McCarren1:10:26
9Maricel Olaru1:12:41
10Jon Arendt1:13:25
11Whalen 1:16:17
12Team O'Connor1:17:10
13Budin 1:17:40
14Jose Sosa1:19:55
15Ayers Berg1:32:42
16Salinda 1:32:58
17Jeff Goodin1:33:43
18Bondy 1:35:49
19Huskies 1:43:46
20Jeff Markus1:48:56
21Carle 1:50:53
22Toboggan Runners1:53:55
23Team Damrose2:04:00
24Gilbert Novak2:10:40
25Carolyn Haiduk2:23:08
 Lola DayMSP
 Madeline DayMSP
 Chickum MSP
Green Course
1Carl Larsson1:00:09
2Patrick Frid1:08:25
3Dan Curley1:12:59
4Bruce Metz1:17:27
5Rich Gaylord1:17:39
6Lisa McNerney1:29:07
7Chuck Newman1:42:55
8Mladen Kolar1:46:23
9Ben Jones1:59:32
10Nicolai Mejevoi2:06:27
11Daniel Huss2:09:14
12John Huss2:09:14
13Paul Henke2:12:54
14Andrey 2:16:25
15Kevin Cutts2:16:55
16Restak 2:18:41
17Alla 2:23:45
18Dan Markham2:31:09
19Bhatt 2:39:58
20Michal Dziewiatkowski2:42:35
 Bond AngusMSP
 Perez MSP
 Robert NeumayerMSP
 Steven SawallischMSP
 Gale TeschendorfMSP
Red Course
1Ivan Petrov0:56:12
2Sergei Kalugin0:59:38
3Leif Anderson1:01:01
4Wangki Yuen1:02:21
5Mattias Eriksson 1:09:35
6Matt S.1:10:57
7Erik Martinez1:12:26
8Oivind Naess1:12:51
9Sehnal Joe1:14:01
10Dugalic Dragovan1:17:06
11Adventure Capitalist /BDR1:29:50
12Antonina Kuzmis1:30:53
13Leonid Shatskin1:42:11
14Dan Ziegler1:49:45
15Hernann 2:31:49
 Shinanigans MSP
 Kimberly HeintzMSP
 Brett PinkepankMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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