Deer Grove
18 May 2014

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We had a beautiful, sunny but muddy day at Deer Grove.

We apologize for the white and yellow courses being a little more adventurous than they usually are because of the conditions. We normally aim for those courses to take 30-60 minutes to complete. Plus, the white course is usually designed for a first-time orienteer to complete without too much difficulty. We hope you still had fun!

Advance courses also had some surprises. The trails were still muddy from the previous week's rainfall which led to everyone having muddy shoes (and muddy car mats for those that forgot to bring spare shoes!). The general consensus was everyone had a great time.

Course Setter: Natalia Deconescu
Meet Director and Vetter: Dan Curley
Registration: A. Tigtig, Erin Curley, and Chris Svoboda
E-Punch Download: Jeremy Bingman
Beginner's Clinic: Rich Gaylord and Michael Reese
Control Pick-up: Rich Gaylord, Natalia Deconescu, Lise Valentine, Antonina Kuzmis, Dan Markham, Chris Svoboda, Charlie Shahbazian, and Michael Reese

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.

Attackpoint results:

NOTE: Some of the ROTC results list as "DNF" because controls were punched out of order.

White Course
1Henrik 0:39:53
2Benjamin Wingerter0:45:17
3Eve Kalugin0:51:25
4Alexander Eriksson1:03:44
5Bezanis 1:16:07
6Andrew Schau1:29:41
7Dylan Kirsten1:40:35
8Markham 1:40:43
9Alexis 1:41:15
10Surbant 1:41:24
11Riskus 1:41:43
12Nolan Cash1:42:51
13Michael 1:46:17
14Alexia 1:47:51
15Samantha 1:48:51
16Alondra Hernandez1:49:45
17Stech 1:52:32
18Bennett 1:53:35
19Troop 21 Mike Reiser2:03:01
20Tim Sexton2:15:53
21Nathan & Gavin2:25:31
22Joshua Woods2:29:39
23Rob 2:30:31
24Maria Ramos3:35:22
 Natalie AnguianoMSP
 Ibarra MSP
 Monica MSP
 Richard AlanisMSP
 Lizet AcunaMSP
 Giselle GamboaMSP
 Cailyn, MaeveMSP
Yellow Course
1Christina Collins0:56:19
2Robin Larsson1:30:06
3Mick Schieler1:49:58
4Team Thiemann1:52:07
5Ray & Nancy Stoddard1:55:25
6Pack 1301:56:40
7Charlie Coon1:58:02
8Nicholas 2:01:21
9Team Epic2:03:56
10Jack Ingemunson2:12:21
11Maas 2:19:49
12Hansen 2:26:39
13Sam Fowler2:30:34
14Henry 2:32:12
 Linda AndersonMSP
 Fuendet, FernandoMSP
 Rachel MSP
 Arevbal MSP
 Kevin MSP
 Avery MSP
 Team FloresMSP
 Martel MSP
 Pack 130_2MSP
 Two DemerritMSP
 C WangMSP
Orange Course
1Chris Gladwin0:51:03
2Michael Geary0:52:04
3Team O'Connor0:57:08
4Jan Eric1:06:20
5Sosa 1:13:56
6Paul Polewaczyk1:18:03
7Russell Woo1:20:26
8Annika Frid1:20:29
9Julia 1:20:37
10Peter & Ryan1:39:19
11Around the Horn1:42:45
12Heather Kluch1:44:35
13Fred Pratt1:44:40
14Grasshoppers 1:47:35
15965 Ventures2:08:29
16A Tigtig2:14:00
17Estevban 2:22:19
18Randy Hansen2:25:17
19Gil Novak2:47:19
20Loose Bolts2:47:59
21Kim Heintz2:53:23
22Luis Becdach3:09:29
23Jeff Markus3:09:57
24Scanlan 3:44:21
 Hendrix MSP
 Team F&HMSP
 Berge MSP
 Berg MSP
 Madeline McCarrenMSP
Green Course
1Patrik Frid1:12:21
2Carl Larsson1:13:38
3Rich Gaylord1:41:41
4Huss, Daniel1:49:27
5John Huss1:50:01
6Mezhevaya 2:14:16
7Foxsley 2:29:37
8Kathy Bullard2:29:37
9Dan Markham2:36:08
10Ben Jones2:43:36
11Lise Valentine3:10:59
 Michael GearyMSP
 Gale TeschendorfMSP
Red Course
1Mattias Eriksson 1:03:04
2Oivind Naess1:04:19
3Chris Svoboda1:14:27
4Sergei Kalugin1:15:16
5Chris Gladwin1:22:32
6Eric Martinez1:24:01
7Charlie Shahbazian1:24:41
8Michael Collins1:26:50
9Ivan Petrov1:27:32
10Eric Olsen 1:29:40
11Maricel Olaru1:29:59
12Staininir Padelov1:38:48
13Antonina Kuzmis1:42:42
14Donald Bart1:43:41
15Rob McLennan1:48:37
16Michael Reese1:56:35
17Nicolai Mejevoi1:59:05
18David Yang2:01:31
19Leonid Shatskin2:14:07
20Jeff Porter2:32:04
21Eric Anderson2:38:49
22Rosie's Way2:56:03
23Antony McShane3:18:34
24Przybyla 3:18:36
25Doug Bonfield3:18:43
26Mike 3:18:52
 Alex KuznetsonMSP
ROTC Course
1Jesus Torres1:06:57
2Brian Rufino1:17:24
3Kyle Rinholm1:19:40
4Isaac Colon1:30:50
5Kevin Rueda1:39:42
6Milan Bhatt1:42:49
7Bondy 1:49:33
8Oswaldo 1:54:22
9Anthony Tazbazian1:58:43
10Joshua Ocampo2:14:26
11Martinez, Brian2:17:22
12Eduardo Lucatero2:23:14
 Gabriel OrtizMSP
 Diana GuallpaMSP
 Joshua McDonaldMSP
 Jose MoralesMSP
 Juan AguilarMSP
 Jacqueline GonzalezMSP
 Melanie HidalgoMSP
 Antonio LunaMSP
 Guerra, IrmaMSP
 Ruyna, AcunaMSP
 Araceli MSP
 Michael FernandezMSP
 Jennifer SosaMSP
 Peter CarbajoMSP


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