Poplar Creek
01 Jun 2014

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It was officially summer in Chicagoland for this meet: hot hot hot!
Courses were challenging and the vegetation pretty thick in places.

But we got to eat birthday cake as a bonus.

Thanks very much to our registration volunteers who made it all run smoothly: Madeline, Alan, and Tonya.

Thanks also to everyone who chipped in to hand-write last-minute control number changes to all the maps and clue sheets at registration.

Thanks to birthday boy Rich for teaching the beginner clinic.

Finally, thanks as always to our control pick-up stalwarts: Chris, Madeline, Rich, Dan, Michael G., and Joe S. (the course setter).


Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Milan Kratka, child's boyce0:27:03
2Connor Groom0:28:11
3Wyaman, Group0:29:17
4Magnus 0:31:26
5Henrick 0:31:34
6Linda Meharanna0:37:01
7Dave 0:37:10
8Calin & dad0:39:17
9Joshua 0:40:26
10Weinstock 0:40:27
11Rachel Keeper1:18:23
Yellow Course
1Noland Cash0:29:49
2Randobike USA0:32:03
3Team LA0:37:14
4Milan Kratka0:37:22
5Robin Larsson0:37:26
6Randy Hansen0:44:05
7Wyman 0:46:55
8Bill Bollig0:47:14
9McAllister 0:47:39
10Randobike Team0:48:05
11Tony 0:49:48
12Frye, Roy 1:04:08
13Andrews Team1:09:40
 Theo MSP
Orange Course
1Jan Naess0:36:43
2Chris Gladwin0:39:21
3Michael Geary0:48:26
4Mark Biernacki0:50:36
5Team O'Connor0:50:53
6Christina Collins0:51:15
7Vladimir 0:54:04
8Connor 1:04:28
9Team rp1:05:48
10Madeline 1:08:42
11Tim Demros1:10:30
12Robert Neumayer1:14:30
13Sousa, Diablos de Tierra1:24:12
14Huskies 1:24:19
15Grasshoppers 1:28:36
16Mitcheric-o 1:31:08
17Alan T1:35:04
18Franks 1:36:37
19Jeff Markus1:39:19
20Group 3231:39:48
21Esteveban 1:43:44
22Berg 1:49:06
23Steve Galindo2:07:12
24Joey Galindo2:07:37
25Tripod 2:14:08
26Hansen 2:48:04
27Terrain Wrecks2:59:14
Green Course
1 Larsson 1:12:30
2Chris Gladwin1:13:11
3Dan Curley1:37:25
4Rich Gaylord1:39:57
5Kathy Bullard1:58:07
6Lisa McNerney2:00:12
7Dan Markham2:06:25
8Michael Geary2:11:24
9Michael Haney2:13:17
 Fred PrattMSP
 Christina CollinsMSP
 Kevin CuttsMSP
Red Course
1Chris Svoboda1:09:33
2Michael Collins1:11:43
3Leonid Shatskin1:22:37
4Antonina Kuzmis1:23:37
5Eric Martinez1:25:45
6Ivan Petrov1:27:55
7Chris Gladwin1:29:09
8Viktor Nikolenko1:29:11
9Maricel Olaru1:42:55
10Donald Bart1:44:08
11Rob McLennan1:45:14
12Brett Pinkepank1:50:22
 David YangMSP
 Pavel LapitskyMSP
 Naess MSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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