Busse Woods Canoe-O
13 Jul 2014

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Meet Director and Course Setter: Michael Collins
Registration: Madeline McCarren, Kathy Bullard, Randy Hansen
Beginner instruction: Kathy Bullard
Start/Finish: Mike Covarrubias, Christian Pukala
Control Pick-up: Bruce Metz, Valerie Metz

The Long course controls were rather easy to find (relatively speaking), so the finish times are largely a reflection of paddling speed. Congratulations to Adam & Alex for finishing first a second year in a row (9 minutes faster than the 2nd place finisher, George Mattson, visiting from the Peoria area).

The Medium course was the most popular, and rather competitive: 9 teams finished with elapsed times within about 4 minutes of each other. Congratulations to the Huskies for their first-place finish, 3 minutes ahead of the folks picking up the controls while they went, Bruce and Valerie Metz.

We had a great turn-out for the Short course this year, with lots of new orienteers and paddlers. We're glad folks are still finding out about the club and making their way to our events. It was a great to see you out there having fun with your families.

As seems to be the pattern, we had a few hiccups, miscommunications, and snafus.

  • Four groups fell victim to a control that was picked up early at the request of the meet director; we gave them credit for completing the course, even without that control (we also acknowledge that their times would likely have been 5-10 minutes shorter had the control been there and not required hunting around to locate).

  • We had some issues to work out with the canoe concession regarding the number of people in boats, and making that work with families, especially those with young kids. We hope you keep coming out; it's a great way to introduce your kids to orienteering and paddling at the same time: both great family activities.

  • One group swamped their boat and lost their ePunch stick.
    In general, however, the event ran more smoothly than usual. Only a few people had to wait to get boats, and they generally waited less than 15 minutes.

The weather was just about perfect for a canoe-O: the temperatures were warm for comfortable padding, there was enough wind to require some strategic route decisions, but not so much as to create difficult or unsafe conditions, and the water was the right temperature to make stepping in and out of the boat refreshing.

This marks the final year for Michael as meet director and course setter. If someone else is interesting taking over the event in 2015, please e-mail Michael at

Standard format ePunch results

ePunch results with split times




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