Palos North
05 Oct 2014

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We had beautiful fall weather for the Palos North meet! The sprint and memory courses presented a nice challenge for Orange, Green, and Red. The format was a good adaptation to the dense vegetation situation at Palos.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who made this event possible:

Registration: Michael Geary, Dan Curley, Linda Anderson
Pre-registration: Michael Collins
E-punch download: Mihai Dinu, Brett Pinkepank
Beginners Clinic: Michael Collins and Rich Gaylord
Course Setter: Kathy Bullard
Course Reviewer: Michael Collins
Control Placement: Kathy Bullard, Rich Gaylord, Chris Svoboda, Tom Favale
Control Pickup: Rich Gaylord, Chris Svoboda, Ben Jones, Jeff Luteyn, Joe Sehnal, Chris Gladwin, Wangki Yuen
Meet Director: Madeline McCarren
Permit: Michael Collins and Kathy Bullard

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Tim Caderak0:19:10
2East Aurora 60:21:41
3East Aurora 40:22:07
4East Aurora 10:23:42
5Fatima 0:25:54
6Kickers 0:27:23
7Alexander Ramirez0:28:10
8Romell 0:29:06
9Julio 0:31:29
10Mauarce 0:32:15
11Jose 0:33:47
12J's 0:34:03
13K Young0:38:13
14Kevin 0:38:23
15Michel & David0:41:44
16Zak Fridel0:41:54
17Red 0:42:30
18Francisco 0:44:06
19Bernice & Christy0:49:06
20Cailin & Dad0:49:40
21Mari 0:50:49
22Hodjetts 0:52:28
23Team Awsome0:53:13
24NG ROTC Panthers West 0:59:05
25East Aurora 32:09:24
 Nyerra ShepardMSP
 East Aurora 5MSP
Yellow Course
1Team Caderik0:47:34
2Diego Herrera0:58:34
3Zabel 12:24:22
4Rafael Perez1:00:20
5M Sommer1:00:20
6Daney Alverez1:06:24
7Kira Hanson1:16:05
8Fred Pratt1:22:46
9Nolan Cash1:28:43
10Ningrui Zhang1:30:37
11Tarber 1:34:50
12Maurice Corcoran1:36:29
13Hodgetts 1:43:10
14Zhen 1:46:31
 Bernice and KristyMSP
 Michelle SchuckMSP
 Tom WalquistMSP
 Lizette MSP
 NJROTC West PanthersMSP
Orange sprint Course
1Michael Geary0:21:52
2Sommer 0:39:57
3Whs3 0:44:33
4Whs1 0:55:05
5Whs2 1:05:43
6michael Berg1:07:51
7Whs4 1:09:38
8Whs 51:25:39
9Ost 1:37:23
 Ningrui ZhangMSP
Green sprint Course
1Wangki Yuen0:29:47
2Dan Curley0:29:50
3Diablos 0:51:55
4Kevin Cutts0:55:40
5Fred Pratt0:58:00
6Viktoria Hanson1:21:41
Red sprint Course
1Maricel Olaru0:26:40
2Martin Schwetter0:31:40
3Chris Gladwin0:33:33
4Erik Martinez0:33:46
5Ivan Petrov0:34:10
6Stanimir Pandelov0:34:16
7Rob McLennan0:35:32
8Jeffrey Luteyn0:36:23
9Brett Pinkepank0:37:47
10Antonina Kuzmis0:38:50
11Joe Sehnal0:40:24
12M&R 0:42:36
13Jeff Porter0:47:21
Orange memory Course
1Chris Gladwin0:22:02
2Wangki Yuen0:24:48
3Michael Geary0:28:06
4Rich Gaylord0:34:25
5Team Damrose1:07:42
6Fox 1:39:00
Green memory Course
1Dan Curley0:55:08
 Chris GladwinMSP
Red memory Course
1Maricel Olaru0:42:54
2Chris Gladwin0:49:00
3Stanimir Pandelov0:51:17
4Michael Collins0:54:47
5Wang Ki0:56:05
6Martin Schwetter0:56:28
7David Yang0:57:29
8Rob McLennan0:58:59
9Tonya Kuzmis1:07:28
10Erik martinez1:08:58
11Donald Bart1:25:04
12Brett Pinkepank1:25:54
13Jeff Porter1:45:47
14Joe Sehnal1:53:40
 Ivan PetrovMSP
 Jann Errik NaessMSP
 Chris GladwinMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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