Veteran Acres Night-O
15 Aug 2015

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Meet Director's Report:

Veterans Acres in Crystal Lake provided a fun challenge on three separate courses for Night Orienteering participants on Saturday, August 15. Many of the 86 intrepid souls ventured out into the darkness in groups, armed with flashlights, headlamps and lots of mosquito spray. The controls were hung with reflectors and the short course had a little extra dazzle with the addition of a glow stick at each point. A string-O trail of glow sticks was also available for the youngest ones to try their hand at orienteering.
Many thanks to the Crystal Lake Park District for their cooperation in making Night-O a successful annual event in this beautiful park. A huge note of thanks also goes to Natalia Deconescu for designing and setting the great courses. And of course, no CAOC event happens without a fantastic contingent of volunteers, who helped with everything including registration, printing maps, setting out controls, assisting first-timers, entering results, picking up controls, and a variety of other tasks: Michael Collins, Dan Curley, Rich Gaylord, Chris Gladwin, Maricel Olaru, Joe Senhal, Charlie Shahbazian, Chris Svoboda, and Alan Tigtig. A special note of appreciation to Ben Saks for arriving early and helping with setup on his very first volunteer shift!
--Lisa McNerney, Meet Director

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


Short Course
1Ben Saks0:20:06
2Jaeger 0:28:45
3Cohn 0:43:16
4Preston 0:49:56
5Brady 0:50:15
6Nathan 0:50:31
7Team Thiemann0:52:25
Medium Course
1Kevin and Chelsea1:20:29
2The Achoos1:33:04
3Chuck and Michelle1:36:31
4The Furious Five1:38:02
5R.E.M. 1:42:01
6Alan Tigtig1:55:37
7Jaeger 1:59:34
8Screaming Eagles2:09:27
 Magellan JonesMSP
 Green MachineMSP
Long Course
1Sergei Kalugin0:53:45
2Maricel Olaru1:07:11
3Chris Svoboda1:07:46
4Michael Collins1:08:06
5Chris Gladwin1:24:57
6Charlie Shahbazian1:26:12
7Don Bart1:27:22
8Eric Olsen 1:27:22
9Dan Curley1:35:23
10Antonina Kuzmis1:37:56
11The Head(Lamp)Less Horsemen2:06:54
 Joe SehnalMSP
 Team ClarkMSP
 Edgar RomanMSP
 Ami SantoyoMSP
 Grasshoppers MSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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