Linne Woods
18 Oct 2015

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Meet Director's Report

Thank you to everyone who shared with us some fun in the woods on a gorgeous sunny day.

Special thanks to all the volunteers who made today's event possible:

Course setter: Natalia Deconescu

Pre-registration, course reviewer: Michael Collins

Beginners’ clinic: Rich Gaylord, Michael Collins

Registration and set-up: Linda Anderson, Christine Kellam, Lise Valentine, Chris Svoboda, Michael Reese, Rich Gaylord

Computer operation: Dan Curley, Michael Collins

Control pickup and wrap-up: Rich Gaylord, Charlie Shahbazian , Chris Svoboda, Joe Sehnal, Lise Valentine, Madeline McCarren

Meet director: Tonya Kuzmis


Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Amina & Dad0:21:08
2Henrik Naess0:22:55
3Kenzo & Luke0:31:51
4Betsy Vera0:40:13
5Bannon Comito0:42:37
6Caiden 0:51:57
Yellow Course
1Brent 0:18:29
2Raymond 0:18:53
3Kenzo & Caiden0:21:55
4Skylander 0:23:19
5Troop 965110:23:51
6Rafa Rivera0:23:57
7Amina and Dad0:24:04
8Troop 965-20:24:50
9ZB-6 0:25:39
10Andrews Team0:27:17
11Martinitz 0:28:43
12Betsy Viera0:31:24
13ZB-3 0:31:33
14Team Otte0:36:17
15Pack 158 #10:37:18
16The Brainiacs0:38:53
17The Squirrels0:39:57
18Magnus Naess0:40:49
19Roy Frye0:45:11
20The Gummi Bears0:46:03
21Cole Rice0:49:05
22Awesome Team 10:50:34
23Stech 1:06:25
24Den 91:13:16
25Pack 158 Den 11:19:03
26Pack 158 Den 21:45:19
Sprint Course
1Jan Erik Naess0:12:00
2Oivind Naess0:13:19
3Art 0:14:19
4Lise Valentine0:14:44
5Michael Geary0:14:50
6Michael Reese0:15:03
7Charlie Shahbazian0:15:04
8Kyle McAndrew0:15:34
9Essi Roininen0:15:52
10Chris Svoboda0:16:03
11Eric Olsen 0:16:13
12Stanimir Panelov0:16:29
13Tony Maycroft0:16:50
14Michael Collins0:18:24
15Viktor Nikolenko0:18:52
16Pavlina 0:18:53
17Chris Gladwin0:18:57
18Christina Collins0:18:59
19ZB-1 0:19:31
20Joe Sehnal0:20:51
21Meves 0:20:52
22Rich Gaylord0:20:57
23Sosa 0:21:01
24Doug 0:21:06
25Gale 0:21:43
26Leonid Shatskin0:22:55
27Lisa McNerney0:23:26
28Team Haney0:24:39
29Madeline McCarren0:25:54
30Phil Bush 0:26:26
31Antony McShane0:31:42
32Team LA0:33:15
33Sprinting Deer0:40:16
34Gil Novak0:53:22
 Dan CurleyMSP
Sprint2 Course
1Jan Erik Naess0:21:28
2Michael Collins0:22:38
3Chris Svoboda0:24:29
4Charlie Shahbazian0:24:49
5Eric Olsen0:25:19
6Joe Sehnal0:26:14
7Chris Gladwin0:26:28
8Stanimir Pandelov0:26:36
9Tony Maycroft0:27:10
10Michael Geary0:28:53
11Viktor Nikolenko0:29:10
12Michael Reese0:29:12
13Dan Curley0:31:00
14Art 0:31:05
15Lise Valentine0:31:10
16Rich Gaylord0:32:54
17Lisa McNerney0:34:49
18Joe Sehnal0:39:21
19Lenny Shatskin0:39:42
20Doug 0:42:09
21Kyle McAndrew0:44:53
22Adam Budin0:47:44
23Meves 0:50:31
24Sosa 0:50:35
25ZB 10:53:21
26Madeline McCarren0:55:55
27ZB-2 0:56:36
28Tony McShane1:00:43
29Raymond 1:01:30
30Team LA1:04:04
31Team Haney1:04:28
32Clark Companik1:10:47
33Clark Companik1:11:06
34Phil Bush 1:24:53
35Andrew's Team1:36:39
36Gil Novak1:56:56
 Uncoordinated MSP
 Pavlina MSP
 Covarrubias MSP
 Oivind NaessMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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