St James Farm
01 May 2016

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Thanks to everyone who came out on for our first meet on a new map at St. James Farm to enjoy courses designed by Rich Gaylord. It was a cloudy and cool day. Luckily, the precipitation held off and everyone stayed mostly dry, except for their feet in the wet and muddy conditions. Thanks to our many volunteers who gave of their time to make this meet go smoothly. Linda Anderson and Christina Kellam ran the first shift of registration. Tonya Kuzmis flew solo on the second shift of registration and then helped pick up controls. Gordon Pearce and Michael Geary gave beginner clinics and provided advice and direction to participants. Lisa McNerney and Steve McCarren helped out with parking direction. Chris Svoboda helped with parking direction, operated the results computer and picked up controls. Dan Durkin helped with both parking direction and control pick up. Bruce Metz also helped pick up controls. Maricel Olaru helped with control pick up and then packed out all of our equipment and supplies in preparation of the next meet. Meet direction was provided by Mike Reese.


Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Henrik Naess0:22:49
2Izmyel Geary0:23:05
3Owen & Nora0:32:41
4Cailin 0:39:43
5Isabel Main0:40:51
6Michael Haney0:43:50
7Pat Kauffold0:45:55
8Team Marquez0:46:38
9Pack 42 -Marshall0:59:22
10Conner 1:43:17
 Robert ApthorpeMSP
Yellow Course
1Ed Thiemann0:42:02
2Liz B.0:53:42
3Michael Geary0:57:42
4Magnus Naess0:58:00
5Dan Markham1:00:23
6The Newbie and the Specialist1:04:35
7Lilly 1:23:04
8Pack 3943 - The Team1:24:10
9Charlie and Otto1:36:56
10Back to the Future1:41:34
11Void Exterminators1:43:44
12Roy Frye1:44:09
 Pack 42 DominowskiMSP
 Purple BalloonsMSP
Orange Course
1Anne Reese1:05:23
2Peter Friddle1:10:54
3Judy Martineau1:21:30
4Alan Tigtig1:23:33
5Thiemann Ed1:24:35
6Team Haney1:26:40
7Rod Ayers1:27:44
8Rob Drainville1:36:21
9Michael Berg1:44:22
10Wheeling Orange 41:54:53
11Huan Rui2:00:19
12Fred Pratt2:32:24
13Gil Novak3:08:12
 William RupertMSP
 Flying HawksMSP
 Wheeling Orange 3MSP
 Wheeling Orange 2MSP
 Kusnetzow MSP
Green Course
1Essi Roininen0:44:51
2 Larsson 0:56:30
3Lisa McNerney1:04:24
4Tom Martineau1:06:19
5David Burns1:17:01
6Gordon Pearce1:32:21
 Jeff L.MSP
Red Course
1Jan Erik Naess0:39:10
2Michael Laraia0:39:14
3Sergei Kalugin0:46:29
4Thomas Laraia0:47:41
5Mattias Eriksson 0:49:23
6Oivind Naess0:49:48
7Maricel Olaru0:52:36
8Rob McLennan0:57:39
9Michael Collins1:01:38
10Mladen Kolar1:03:20
11Stanimir Pandelov1:05:13
12Chris Gladwin1:09:03
13Chris Svoboda1:11:10
14Antonina Kuzmis1:18:03
15Leonid Shatskin1:22:21
16Bruce Metz1:23:38
17Jeff Porter1:35:21
18Madeline McCarren1:58:40
 Dan DurkinMSP
 Raef MevesMSP
 Wheeling RedMSP
 Erik MartinezMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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