Lincoln Park
13 May 2017

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Thanks for coming out and enjoying the sprint orienteering on a beautiful day in the Lincoln Park area.

The definition of sprint orienteering was probably pushed a bit with un-normally long courses. Still Jan-Erik Naess managed to run the 4.3km Sprint 1 course on an impressive time of 19.23 which equates to a bit over 4 minute / km!

The two courses had a mixture of pink flagging tape and regular e-punch controls – the strategy was to minimize the chance of having controls walking away as a few control features were in busy areas. The concept worked out great (no e-punch controls disappeared!) however, one control did turn into a challenge for a few runners. The control description was on the west side of a building and the “building” in this case was an electric box. To make it a bit confusing there was a real building on the edge of the control circle and someone had left a flagging tape there – so a few runners thought that the control actually was the wrong flagging tape instead of the e-punch. It was decided to include the runners without the e-punch properly checked for this control in the results.

Just for clarification – Jan-Erik did have the proper e-punch checked for this control…

We also want to extend our thanks to Tracy, Mike, Ian, Josh, and Orlin helping out during the event!

Charlie and Carl


Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


Sprint 1 Course
1Jan Erik Naess0:19:23
2Danny Riley (missing 42)0:23:46
3Oivind Naess0:24:35
4Lise 0:27:00
5Michael Collins0:29:04
6Matt Goggin0:29:07
7Soup Bone0:29:23
8Raef 0:29:57
9Magnus (missing 42)0:31:31
10Tonya 0:31:44
11David Tripp0:34:08
12Axolotl (missing 42)0:35:00
13Bruce Metz (missing 42)0:39:53
14Matt 0:42:20
15Charles 0:46:17
16Kalina 0:47:29
17Barry 1:03:09
18Jack & Nick1:08:47
19Mark Noltner1:16:11
20Robin Larsson1:22:12
Sprint 2 Course
1Axolotl 0:24:46
2Stanimir Pandelov0:25:35
3Danny Riley0:27:30
4Soup Bone0:28:26
5Michael Collins0:29:16
6Lise 0:30:56
7unknown 0:32:23
8Tonya 0:33:24
9Raef 0:34:15
10Bruce Metz0:37:19
11David Tripp0:42:27
12Anna 0:43:31
13Gary Hickey0:47:37
14Stech 1:25:00
15Jack & Nick1:30:07

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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