Raceway Woods
21 May 2017

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White Course
1William Gilbert1:13:09
Yellow Course
1 Larsson 1:08:51
2Barcliy 1:12:56
3Two rabbits1:15:37
4Colleen Goldberg1:47:46
5Team Otte1:55:08
Orange Course
1Team RP1:25:18
2Mark Noltner1:36:28
3Alan Tigtig1:47:25
4Team demorose1:57:26
5Louis 1:58:05
6Michael Haney2:08:29
7Ayers Berg2:39:37
8Michael Berg2:39:46
 Johns MSP
 No nameMSP
Green Course
1Oivind Naess1:06:42
2Jeff Shaw1:24:37
3Rich Gaylord1:24:57
4Lisa McNerney1:50:35
5Lise Valentine1:55:50
6Madeline McCarren1:56:28
7Blagovest 2:09:59
8Fox in the woods3:04:54
Red Course
1Chris Svoboda1:17:07
2Natalia Deconescu1:19:06
3Carl Larsson1:27:14
4Michael Collins1:29:04
5Charlie Shahbazian1:35:51
6Antonina Kuzmis1:36:19
7David Larsson1:42:45
8Leonid Shatskin1:43:15
9Viktor Nikolenko1:46:22
10Nate 2:00:27
11Blagovest 2:01:08
12Donald Bart2:05:17
13Kim & Mich2:08:35
14Michael Geary2:08:56
15none 2:25:05
 Jeff PorterMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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