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4 Mar 2018

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Madnaess Course
1 Danny Riley 39m 35s
2 Maricel Olaru 41m 0s
3 Oivind Naess 41m 25s
4 Antonina Kuzmis 44m 40s
5 Alena Khilko 45m 20s
6 Joe Sehnal 46m 25s
7 Bruce Metz 46m 35s
8 Erik Saszik 48m 5s
9 Michael Collins 48m 55s
10 Chris Wong 51m 20s
11 Art Necrasev 55m
12 Eeva Leppaaho 56m 5s
13 Raef Meves 56m 20s
14 Blagovest Manov 57m 10s
15 Mark Noltner 57m 30s
16 Kyle McAndrew 58m 35s
17 Chris Svoboda 61m 30s
18 Scott Brackebusch 61m
19 Christina Collins 62m 15s
20 Nate 1h 2m 20s
21 Viktor Nikolenko 1h 3m 0s
22 Rich Gaylord 1h 5m 10s
23 Jeff Porter 1h 7m 45s
24 Ben A 1h 10m 0s
25 Madeline McCarren 1h 11m 15s
26 Michael Lascola 1h 14m 35s
27 Gordon Pearce 1h 17m 0s
28 Magnuss Naess 1h 20m 10s
29 Lisa McNerney 1h 24m 5s
30 Luis Becdach 1h 31m 0s
31 Troop 166 1h 52m 0s
32 Kevin Hakl 1h 52m 30s
Beginner Course
1 Henrik Naess 35m 50s
2 Alexandra Montgomery 45m 20s
3 Dan Markham 69m 0s
4 Dimitar 1h 17m
5 John Betasso 1h 23m
6 Jean Whitmore 1h 26m
7 Nathan Braniff 1h 43m





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