Willow Springs
23 Sep 2018

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Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1923-Theo 0:32:11
2923-Peter 0:33:03
3923-Danel 0:34:14
4McAllaster 0:36:52
5Martinez 0:37:39
6Team Paola0:37:42
7Team Marquez0:38:10
8Lagendary Dafensiv0:38:23
9Elwood 0:40:18
10Anaha 0:40:30
11Dylan Puzon0:40:32
12Vanessa 0:41:49
13The Noppe Ropps0:42:19
14Tator Totas0:43:40
15Ashley 0:45:41
16Team 130:47:18
17TEAM UNO0:47:26
18Red Team0:48:02
19Dany Rodriguez0:48:53
20ZB6 0:51:30
21I don'tK now10:41:38
22Proviso west Njrts1:10:27
23Team Ost1:29:18
24Lasile 24:14:00
 Diane JordanMSP
 Gomez MSP
 Derek JordanMSP
 Sprinkles MSP
 Wheeling 5MSP
 Tr3way MSP
 Falcons MSP
 Patano MSP
 Fast MSP
 TomCats1 MSP
 TomCats MSP
 Tom Cat NavyMSP
 Kaay MSP
 Vans MSP
 The power rangersMSP
 Ashley MSP
 The MisteryMSP
Yellow Course
1Barys 0:26:08
2Anna 0:36:27
3Kalina 0:36:37
4Marquez 0:53:19
5Valerie Metz0:53:59
6Bill Bollig0:56:56
7ZB5 0:58:58
8Alan Tigtig0:59:38
9Erin Prapash10:37:11
10Orange Bacon11:24:32
11Team LJ1:00:16
12Andreas 1:07:24
13Lefevour 1:07:48
14Yeet 1:09:55
15Team Solo1:10:18
16Catle fish1:12:00
17Worn 1:13:25
18Melissa Gray1:15:04
19ZB 31:15:06
20Jeff Pringle1:18:00
21Soda Pop1:19:06
22Elwood 1:19:20
23ZB4 1:20:38
24ZB 1:21:18
25ZB 1:23:42
2618USAF 1:23:43
27zb2 1:24:01
28The avengers1:25:44
29Shorty & the Legs1:27:40
30ZB7 1:27:47
31Wheeling 21:27:47
32Lt Col Sanders1:29:10
33Pack 331 Sparrows1:31:38
34Christina Collins1:35:05
35The Kids1:36:20
36The Jets1:44:03
37Pack 331 Turtles1:48:56
38Fightings Cephalopods1:52:18
39The Enforcers1:54:31
 The DregsMSP
 Team SoloMSP
 Quebec AirmanMSP
 Toto AfricaMSP
Orange Course
1Peter Friddle1:21:47
2Darryl 1:41:49
3Team H21:44:41
4Ayers Berg2:00:03
5Grasshoppers 2:00:55
6Team Damrose2:14:09
 Wheeling 4MSP
 Mari JaegerMSP
Green Course
1Bruce Metz1:09:25
2Dan Durkin1:24:23
3Madeline McCarren1:34:26
4Kevin Cutts1:36:38
 Jaeger MSP
Red Course
1Martin Schwetter0:50:35
2Stanimir Pavelov0:54:07
3Alena 0:56:06
4Tonya Kuzmis0:59:47
5Maricel Olaru1:00:29
6Viktor Nikolenko1:00:31
7Charlie Shahbazian1:02:27
8Lise Valentine1:10:46
9Ivan Petrov1:18:04
10Erik Saszik1:18:04
11Joe Sehnal1:26:20
12Blago 1:28:11
13Jeff Porter1:33:59
14Pevel 2:20:25
 Chris GladwinMSP
 Eric OlsenMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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