St James Woods
14 Oct 2018

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Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Pack 42-Revolution0:22:07
2Pack 42 running dogs0:25:30
3Darryl 0:27:06
4Gaby's Group0:27:18
542 ducks0:30:16
6Team AG #10:30:43
7Miguel & Rogelio0:31:16
8pack 420:31:34
9Pack 42winners0:31:55
10Pack 4 2 and we are better tha0:31:58
11Alma's Team0:33:27
127-11 0:33:50
13Future Varisty0:35:17
14Slow Squad0:37:40
15I don't know0:39:11
16Skittle Babies0:39:52
17ITD166 0:40:59
18Pack 201, Goodwin0:41:51
19Lauren 0:41:55
20UPS 0:42:11
21Robyn Heine0:44:03
22Tom Cats0:45:24
23Lost & Found0:45:56
24Lauren 0:48:06
25Churro 0:48:45
26Corelitz 0:49:31
27z #20:52:42
28Paulina 0:55:58
29Buckles 1:08:48
30Bananas 1:16:37
 Pack 201 BuckleyMSP
 Pack 42-SomethingMSP
 Pack 201, DabbersMSP
 Savages MSP
 Richards -UnknownMSP
 Team PenguinMSP
 Anna MSP
 Avacados MSP
 Vani's TeamMSP
 David's GroupMSP
 Jin MSP
 Kevin LarsonMSP
 Seehyun MSP
Yellow Course
1Valerie Metz0:32:04
2Jerome 0:40:18
3team Mar-Sten0:41:33
4Huskies 0:42:51
5LA 0:45:43
6Elwood 0:47:20
7Pack 331, Sparrows0:56:41
8Thomas 1:01:35
9Pack 331, Turtles1:03:13
10Shooting Stars1:06:50
11Riley 1:09:57
12TJDC 1:33:03
13Proviso West #11:33:13
 Hunter MSP
 team reseMSP
 Team 4MSP
 Caterpiler MSP
 Richard's Team 5MSP
 Richard's Team 1MSP
 Richard's Team 2MSP
Orange Course
1Michael Haney0:41:40
2Meves 0:43:35
3ITD166 0:54:46
4Jerry Kennedy0:59:24
5Ayers Berg1:01:13
6 Collins 1:03:11
7Christina Collins1:03:12
8Alan Tigtig1:04:08
9Darryl 1:06:16
10Team Mar-Sten1:07:59
11Bill Bollig1:17:23
12Coffland 1:20:23
13Remi 1:40:48
14Schaefer 2:46:02
 Fox ReturnsMSP
Green Course
1Barys 0:46:23
2Chris Svoboda1:00:07
3Oivind Naess2:25:08
 Darryl DeGruyMSP
 Bruce MetzMSP
 Christopher WongMSP
Red Course
1Gheorghe Fala0:51:26
2Maricel Olaru0:53:53
3Alena 0:57:06
4Stanimir Pandelov1:17:34
5Blago 1:21:22
6Andrew Metz1:24:59
7Patrick Coneff1:27:36
8Lise Valentine1:42:25
9Eric Sazik1:43:05
10Jeff Porter1:57:52
 eric MSP
 Robert MarshallMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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