Freeman Kame
11 Nov 2018

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Nice sunny day, but cold, for the courses provided. After much anxiety for some prior to running this type of event, most found the memory section of their course enjoyable. Nice to have the lodge (and fireplace) to stay nice and warm for the meet, the lunch (kudos to Madeline Mccarren), and AGM held this day. Thanks to all who came out to participate. Long day from 8:00 am until 8:20 pm. The meet went smoothly due to the many hands chipping in to help in the critical area required to run a successful meet – thanks to the following who helped, some with multiple tasks: Maps – Michael Collins;Registration, Computer Management, Control Pickup, Lodge Cleanup: Lis Valentine, Bruce Metz, Alena Khilko and sons, Chris Svoboda, Maricel Olaru (also fire place management), Danny Durkin, Eric Olson, Tonya Kumis, Charlie Shahbazan, Viktor Nikolenko and Madeline Mccarren.

Rich Gaylord Course Setter
Lisa McNerney – Meet Director


Standard format ePunch results can be found here.

See the results on AttackPoint:

Red Memory
Green Memory



White Course
1Penny's 0:55:44
2Rebekah & Robin & Jill0:58:35
3Olivia Patch-Stevenson2:16:33
Yellow Course
1Team Naess0:47:25
2ZB7 1:09:02
3ZB6 1:13:42
4ZB5 1:16:04
5ZB4 1:16:46
6Marquez Team1:16:49
7ZB3 1:19:04
8ZB2 1:21:37
 Henrik NaessMSP
Orange Course
1 Larsson 0:46:48
2Alan Tigtig1:19:14
3Brian D1:25:04
4Manbock 1:26:29
5Ayers Berg1:44:26
6ITD166 Flaming Arrows1:46:47
7ZB1 1:50:08
8Jeff Porter1:54:31
9John Roeser1:54:44
10Bob Dittrich2:15:29
 Eric FriedlMSP
 Bill BolligMSP
Green Course
1Barys Alesiyuk0:44:08
2Bruce Metz1:16:08
3Danny Durkin1:21:15
4Mark Bohlin1:24:52
5Kevin Cutts1:36:07
6Madeline McCarren1:47:44
7Alan Tigtig1:51:17
 Magnus NaessMSP
Red Course
1Jan-Erik Naess0:45:35
2Alena Khilko0:52:47
3Stanimir Pandelov1:03:39
4Chris Svoboda1:06:47
5Viktor Nikolenko1:07:10
6Blago 1:10:06
7Lise Valentine1:18:11
8Eric Olsen1:19:49
9Andrew Metz1:25:57
10Charlie Shahbazian1:31:53
11Racers Edge1:34:22
12Patrick Coneff1:41:48
13Eyes of the World1:55:55
14Raef Meves2:24:30
15Mladen 2:34:02
  Tonya MSP
 Tony McShaneMSP
Green memory Course
1Lisa McNerney0:26:56
Red memory Course
1Michael Reese0:33:19

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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