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13 Oct 2019

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Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1James Pelletiere0:16:43
2Edgar and Robert0:21:17
3Billys 0:22:30
4I don't know!0:24:09
5Beans 0:24:22
6Take That El0:25:38
7The Cockroaches0:27:13
8Friday Patty0:27:49
9Ducky Blackhawk0:28:58
10Skipping Stone0:28:58
11Tyler 0:30:00
12High School Dropouts0:30:01
13Sketchy Tank0:31:39
1475 Degrees0:33:21
15Nugget 0:33:33
16Leonardo 0:33:44
17Mud 0:33:48
18Blue Berets0:34:02
19Churros 0:34:22
20Red 0:35:37
21Stardust Crusaders0:35:48
22Ashley 0:37:59
23Troop 9730:38:20
24Tomcats 0:38:55
25Girl Power0:40:27
26The Wolves0:41:01
27Team Vogel0:41:39
28Josie 0:42:08
29Team Kiwi0:42:34
30Black Hawk Abby0:44:08
31Team Haley0:44:26
32Ayers Berg0:44:43
33EA Reindeers0:45:23
34Black Hawk Alexis0:46:29
35Shmidt 0:48:24
36Try Hards0:53:19
37Angel 0:53:32
38Blue 0:55:34
39Pink 0:56:41
40Tim 0:59:14
41Coco 1:07:25
42Tree 1:08:20
 Antonio MSP
 Unknown WhiteMSP
 Jackie MSP
 Leaf VillageMSP
 Alexa MSP
 Big BossMSP
 ? MSP
 Troop 318 #1MSP
 Billy BobMSP
Yellow Course
1Bobis 0:33:00
2Bill Bollig0:39:03
3Andrew and Lauren0:39:40
4Hawk Patrol0:39:52
5Bear Patrol0:47:06
6Golden Eagles0:48:38
7Trombone 0:54:39
8Team Otte0:55:40
9TDCJ 1:06:41
 Maricel OlaruMSP
 The Conquerers of The ForestMSP
 Scoutmasters MSP
Orange Course
1Christina Collins1:21:00
2Budin 1:30:31
3James 1:34:57
4A Team1:42:01
5Team Skunk1:51:34
6Brian 1:54:52
7Ayers Berg2:00:23
 Tyler MSP
 Evan DruceMSP
Green Course
1Barys Alesiyuk0:51:45
2Andrew Metz1:00:26
3Tonya Kuzmis1:12:20
4Bruce Metz1:14:04
5Joe 1:22:32
6Lisa McNerney1:27:41
7Raef 1:29:31
8Nick Preys1:34:34
9Madeline McCarren1:35:20
10Nat Mayer1:53:46
 Jake WhiteMSP
 Oivind NaessMSP
  Naess MSP
Red Course
1Alena Khilko0:47:36
2Michael Collins0:54:42
3Blago 1:01:42
4Dan Ziegler1:13:54
5Aviad Ariel1:17:01
6Lise Valentine1:29:52
7Eyes of The World1:47:01
8Porters 3:07:06
9Michal Dziewiatkowski3:14:43
 Rick SchnellMSP
 Viktor NikolenkoMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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