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17 Oct 2021

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Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


Beginner Course
1Dimitar 0:22:51
2Baconators 0:23:07
3Zulu 0:28:03
4PCJM 0:35:29
5Baka 0:37:09
6Lost but Swag0:41:33
7Fields 0:41:35
8First 0:41:56
9Bob 0:46:51
10Gganbu 0:50:37
11Smarties 0:51:56
12Fishing 0:52:59
13Kubicki 0:53:19
14The Cartel0:53:51
15Potato 0:54:05
16Speedwagon 0:55:50
17Kolar Family0:57:00
18606 0:57:25
19Christine Reyna0:57:34
20Team 100:58:46
21Alpacas 0:58:57
22Bananas 1:00:02
23Puzon Family1:01:18
24Hutchison 1:02:55
25The Oreos1:03:38
264 Musketeers1:04:45
27Axel 1:04:49
28Jessica 1:05:36
29Mikayla 1:06:04
30Leah Rachel1:07:00
31Sgts Favorites1:07:32
32Coconut 1:08:03
33Noa Turner1:08:24
34The Lost Orienteers1:11:34
35Team Impacts1:13:03
36The Flying Pig1:18:21
37NUCCJ 1:21:32
38MMJG 1:25:41
39GJAR 1:27:00
40Steven Condon1:27:36
41The Dark Souls2:27:05
 Carmen MSP
 Joselin MSP
 Jocelin MSP
 Esmerelda MSP
 Daliah MSP
 the Swaggy SwagstersMSP
 The MarinesMSP
 Tomcats MSP
 Beans MSP
Intermediate Course
1Gganbu 0:36:32
2Natalia Deconescu0:46:20
3Baconators 0:52:08
4Valerie Metz0:58:28
5Phil Tosteson1:08:12
6Bob 1:22:07
7Nakata 1:22:17
8Amanda Sramek1:24:45
9Ken Adamson1:25:56
10Emily Prasad1:31:26
11Trio 1:32:38
12Jennifer Wu1:39:17
13Delta 1:39:26
14Help Us1:42:38
15Mia Kaempfer1:46:42
16Xu family1:47:31
 Carriey RyanMSP
 Ying ZhingMSP
 Fishing MSP
 Ally MSP
 Combined TeamMSP
 Tigtig MSP
 Three Stooges plus NickMSP
 Zulu MSP
Advanced Course
1Maricel Olaru0:54:12
2Dominik Duelli1:06:41
3Alena Khilko1:07:39
4Barys 1:09:12
5Chris Gladwin1:13:41
6Aviad 1:14:03
7Pelletiere 1:15:38
8Patrick Coneff1:18:37
9Lauren Acre1:19:39
10Tonya Kuzmis1:19:48
11Bruce Metz1:30:18
12Ashley and Melissa1:39:24
13David and Nathan Lilley1:47:33
14Dan Durkin1:56:30
15Christina Collins1:56:43
16Michael Reese1:56:59
17Gumby 2:13:46
18Doug Bonfield2:13:52
19Ande Wegner2:15:23
20Oliva Meritxell2:15:53
21Amber Altop2:19:23
22Rick Lagacy2:28:07
23Adam and Amanda2:29:29
24Logan Olivia2:29:30
 Brendan MSP
 Michael CollinsMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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