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13 Mar 2022

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  Thanks to all participants who came out to The Forge Adventure Park. A brisk and blustery morning turned into a nice, sunny afternoon. Special thanks to Lauren Acre for meet directing and Erik Martinez for designing and setting some fun courses. Shout outs to our other volunteers: Michael Collins and Patrick Coneff for conducting beginner clinics, Chris Svoboda and Mike Reese for helping with registration and results computer; Dan Durkin, Oivind Naess and Bruce Metz with control pick-up.
We can't do this without the dedication of our volunteers.
As always, stayed tuned to our website and Facebook page for details on upcoming events.

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1E+K 0:14:19
2Krakens 0:17:08
3Martinez Kids0:19:47
4Novabytes 0:28:52
5Laura Lanford0:35:39
6Becky Munk0:35:42
7Yingying Zhang and Kiki0:44:31
 SF JellyfishMSP
Yellow Course
1Alex Eriksson0:29:05
2George Potter0:42:14
3E+K 0:45:22
4Joe Buan0:49:21
5Pretzelsticks 0:51:44
6Huskies 0:54:18
7Paul McAllister1:00:49
8Fab 4 Fosters1:35:26
9T1776 2:21:16
 Krakens MSP
Orange Course
1Chris Sharp0:46:25
2Chris Gladwin0:48:14
3Sommer 1:31:16
4Pete Bilwacks1:35:26
5Alan Tigtig1:36:47
6Amanda Sramek1:38:30
7Team 9651:57:33
 Mark NoltnerMSP
 Rong Huang MSP
 Yun He MSP
 Luke SmithMSP
Green Course
1Dan Curley1:17:25
2Bruce Metz1:32:00
3Dan Durkin1:34:40
4Wyatt Matthew3:13:37
 Gollira MSP
 Yunhen QiaoMSP
 Ella QiaoMSP
Red Course
1Mattias Eriksson0:48:40
2Hiroki Nakata0:53:52
3Maricel Olaru0:57:06
4Oivind Naess0:57:09
5Alena Khilko0:58:07
6Barys Alesiyuk1:00:12
7Dylan Poe1:02:29
8Chris Gladwin1:16:01
9Aviad Ariel1:18:45
10Tonya Kuzmis1:20:24
11Michael Collins1:27:59
12Jeff Porter1:39:41
13Fukiko Nakata1:46:02
14Meredith Rice1:51:36

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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