Red Gate Woods
23 Apr 2022

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Thanks to everyone who came out for this spring event that ended up having very summer like temps. A big shout out to Dan Durkin for designing and setting courses and Mike Reese for meet directing. Much appreciation to Bruce and Val Metz, Chris Svoboda and Rich Gaylord for control pick up, Michael Collins for map printing and Lauren Acre for lending of her phone as a mobile hotspot. Stay tuned as we see if we can get another event on the schedule before summer is here in full force.

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Erik Hagglund0:43:31
2RSE Wanderers0:56:26
3Joan & James Donnelly1:19:42
Yellow Course
1Val Metz0:54:16
2RSE Wanderers1:21:16
3Irnren (Pack 130)1:23:19
4Bradley (Pack 130)1:23:27
5Hrtanek (Pack 130)1:23:40
6Cohodes (Pack 130)1:23:58
7Scout Troop 3181:52:29
Orange Course
1Chris Sharp0:29:46
2Bruce Metz0:33:07
3Dimitar Bratovanov0:44:03
4Hansjoerg Suter0:50:11
5Alyssa K0:50:39
6Dana Mellecker0:51:27
7Michelle Sommer0:54:44
8Erik Hagglund0:57:39
9Alan Tigtig0:58:13
10Ayers - Berg1:11:44
11Llamageddon 1:34:42
12Carolyn Haiduk1:41:04
13Jeffrey Jiao2:06:56
14Lanxuan Jiao2:07:04
Green Course
1Maricel Olaru1:02:54
2Oivind Naess1:23:55
3Chris Svoboda1:34:48
4Tonya Olaru1:43:33
5Chris Sharp1:52:06
6Phil Tosteson2:00:23
7Lauren Acre-Klosak2:03:38
8Viktor Nikolenko2:14:14
9Raef Meves2:51:00
10Paul Henke3:24:53
 Meg ParsonMSP
 Nerds with SwaggerMSP
 Charlie ShahbazianMSP
 Ella QiaoMSP
 Rich GaylordMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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