Stoney Run 2024
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Event Report

Thanks to everyone who came out to Stoney Run for our first event of the season. The meet was small but those that attended had a very good time...even though it was very wet, muddy and slippery. The rain required me to redesign and print new red and white courses on Friday night. Stoney Run was a raging river and there were only two places it could be safely crossed, one being the main park road. It was nice to see some new faces as well as Ken Morrison, who was an officer with the club when it was just getting formed in the 70's.

Special thanks to Caryn and Jennifer at Lake County Parks for their continued support of CAOC. Also, thanks to Leo Santos for helping to pick up controls. Leo recently moved from Brazil (where he is used to very wet courses) and volunteered to pick up the most distant controls.

Val & Bruce Metz



White Yellow Orange Red
1Hanba Guys 32:11
2Troop 502 33:49
3Dada 36:35
4Emma & Andrew CAOC40:33
5Ken Morrison 62:23
6Gils 62:29
1Hanba Guys 54:18
2Emily Prasad 93:09
34Runners 106:26
1Tonya Kuzmis CAOC51:38
2Carmen Rivero 66:41
3Derek Taylor 156:23
1Maricel Olaru 42:25
2Mikus Purins 68:06
3Lauren Klosak CAOC74:50
4Thingy CAOC137:44
5Sean Meagher 146:36
Ed Evans DNF
Leo Sandro de Santa Santos DNF