Lemon Lake
13 Nov 2021

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White day Course
1Tall and Small0:12:43
2Meredith Rice0:14:06
3Adelle Petyko0:31:11
4Hello Kitty0:41:55
5George Potter0:55:21
 Patrick DaughertyMSP
 Stephens 6:58:39
Yellow day Course
1Task Force0:20:00
2Meredith Rice0:25:30
3Big Bunnies0:31:09
4Weast 0:34:24
5Jackie Fitzgerald0:36:30
6Jacek Witkos0:38:25
7Suga Family0:39:09
8Sparrow 0:41:51
9El Mundo0:42:14
10Alamo 0:49:54
11DD Crew0:51:12
12The A-Team0:58:09
13Lost In Space1:00:14
14Mary Van Wienen1:02:49
15Troop 6991:03:29
16This Guy1:08:08
17Orangutan Gang1:08:52
18Trol 1:12:01
19Just Shut Up1:12:40
 Bhumi TrivediMSP
 George PotterMSP
 The MonkeysMSP
 Smooth Like ButterMSP
 Overlanders MSP
 Lemon MSP
White night Course
1Lucy Neal0:28:57
2Steve Anderson0:53:33
3Troop 6641:12:20
Yellow night Course
1Alex Eriksson0:33:52
2Michael Freilich0:38:35
3J. Kaempfer0:38:36
4Craig Martinaitis0:57:55
 Daugherty MSP
 Adelle PetykoMSP
Orange Course
1Meredith Rice0:49:49
2Fukiko Nakata0:57:33
 Baconators MSP
Red Course
1Mattias Eriksson0:40:30
2Hiroki Nakata0:49:13
3Chris Svoboda1:01:34
4Lauren Acre1:10:46
5Lise Valentine1:11:54
6Meredith Rice1:28:58
7Jacek Witkos2:06:51
 Sean MeagherMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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