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Putting on a successful orienteering meet requires many people. This area is devoted to Meet Directors and Course Setters

Meet Directors

The meet director is administratively in charge of the meet. This includes working with the course setter on where the start is going to be and working on getting the permit for the forest preserve.

Please contact the permit coordinator about the permits ASAP. The sooner the better, as people have lined up on New Years Day for permits. We have not had too much problem getting the permits, but starts and dates have changed over permit issues.

The meet director must organize the volunteer recruitment, equipment, beginner training, (food?), etc. You must get in contact with the course setter and discuss general ideas for courses, start area, format. Keep the vice president informed of meet progress. Also the responsibility of the meet director to make sure the course setter has planned good courses, that controls were all vetted and flagged. The meet director will also assist with hanging the bags for the meet.

Time Fame:

ASAP Get permits
3 months With course setter discuss general ideas for courses, start, format (long O, memory O, map exchange etc.)
2 months Review courses and clue sheets designed by course setter and forward to Course Reviewer for approval.
1 month Vet flagged locations.
1 week Help pick up controls at previous meet and equipment.
Saturday Assist in control hanging if needed.
Sunday Supervise and direct meet. Stay unassigned as much as possible in order to be able to jump in and help where required when assigned volunteers don't show up and are overwhelmed. Direct control pickup and disposition of equipment.
Post-meet Finalize meet accounting sheet, deposit money to the club checking account, and send all forms to the treasurer. (E-mail the treasurer to get the current snail-mail address.) Send results to webmaster.

Course Setters

For complete details on setting courses, see the Course Setters Package.

The course setters willl familiarize themselves with the USOF guidelines for setting White, Yellow and Orange courses so the easy courses are appropriate and not too hard. This info will be on the web site shortly. They will keep the meet director informed and discuss ideas together. After they design and flag the required courses and clue sheets in accordance with above schedule, they will be responsible for hanging all controls in proper location as described by approved clue sheet and map. On the morning of the meet, they will be available to assist meet director in any emergencies that occur on courses. Finally, they will help with control pick-ups on Sunday.

I would like to add that we are still searching for meet directors and course setters, and that if everyone pitches in the work of many mean less for few.

Charlie Shahbazian
vice president, CAOC

Using E-Punch

The red and green courses should be use the e-Punch system. For the orange course, use of the e-Punch system is encouraged but left to the discretion of the meet director and course setter. (Please keep the webmaster informed of the decision so that the meet information page can be kept current.)

ePunch Basics
ePunch Race Day Instructions
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