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Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Owen 0:14:15
2ZH2 0:19:50
3The 69ers0:20:39
4The Original 69ers0:21:27
5Sun Voyageurs0:23:09
6troop 1230:24:00
7Ross the Boss0:24:59
8BoB 0:25:07
9The Brains0:26:00
10The Waves0:27:07
11Turnover on Browns0:28:42
12Silly 0:29:01
13Team Coash0:29:10
14Troop 923 #20:31:23
15Eissner 0:34:22
16Andrew 0:36:38
17Masha 0:36:40
18JimmyJohns 0:37:13
19Whistle Stop0:37:29
20Swiss Miss0:40:28
21Stanley 0:50:45
22The Lost Girls0:51:48
23Maeve 0:52:03
24Jill 0:53:56
25Team McHugh0:57:12
26Andrew 1:20:38
27Team Raya1:21:50
 Danger NoodlesMSP
 Jen WuMSP
 Kaufman SistersMSP
Orange Course
1Oivind 0:37:46
2Erik Martinez0:41:44
3Bruce Metz0:42:19
4Tonya 0:50:13
5RAEF 0:58:52
6Tracy Hixon1:01:46
7Owen M1:11:08
8Nick Preys1:11:30
9Nathan Gray1:19:03
10Ross the Boss1:26:11
11ZH2 1:33:32
12Ayers 1:36:06
13danger noodles1:47:44
14Jack VanNoord1:49:06
15Selu 1:51:31
16Brzoska 1:52:30
17Sara 1:56:59
18Leo 1:57:44
19Double E1:58:34
20Super 2:22:54
21Super G2:22:58
22DD The Doberman2:27:30
23The 69ers2:40:11
 Jean MSP
 Troop 318MSP
 Dana MSP
Red Course
1Ed Catmur0:37:52
2Stanimir Pandelov1:01:28
3Geary 1:14:32
4Charlie 1:19:54
5Michelle S1:52:53
6Sean 1:53:06
7CU O-club2:00:48
8Big Tiny2:05:23
9Thingy Team2:34:21
 Dingas MSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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