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The Lemon Lake Day/Night-O event had a great turnout and even better weather. A great turnout including over 75 cadets from Lincolnway AFJROTC for the day event followed by over 25 runners for the night event kept us busy. Special thanks to Sean Meagher for helping out with registration and to Michael Collins for vetting the red night course on Wednesday night. Also thanks to the Lemon Lake Disc Golf Center for the use of their heated building.



Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White day Course
1Lincolnway East Team 30:21:29
2Thomas Curry0:35:21
3Connect 40:41:43
4Skytroopers 0:45:47
5Joseph Yearsich0:46:11
6Barbie 0:48:07
7Jizo 0:50:04
 Crows MSP
 Troop 35529MSP
 Julia DerwinskiMSP
 Lincolnway East Team 2MSP
Yellow day Course
1Lincolnway East Team 30:35:31
2Spiderman 0:38:44
3Bully Busters0:43:49
4Joseph Yearsich0:44:43
5Barbie 0:47:12
6Dark Knights0:49:41
7Angle-Side-Side 1:04:29
8Troop 481:05:02
9Lincolnway East Team 21:07:08
10Hassan Nurudeen1:20:06
11Funsho Falode1:21:31
12Ayanna Dickinson1:22:54
White night Course
1Kalugin Boys0:39:20
2Mbozsqn Chuang1:05:41
 Troop 88MSP
Yellow night Course
1Luci Neal0:26:10
2Tonya Kuzmis1:00:26
3Andrew & Emma1:00:31
4Dan Durkin1:02:55
Orange day Course
1Deformed Fish Eggs0:44:19
2Hooper 30:51:30
3Lincolnway East Team 10:51:37
4Going Merry1:03:32
5Ciasteczkabrzeczyszcaykiewiczd 1:21:53
66 Ducks In A Trenchcoat1:32:20
7Marco Polo1:52:26
8KoolAid 1:59:43
9Floor Support2:04:10
Red day Course
1On The Double1:22:25
 I Love FrogsMSP
 Amigos MSP
Red night Course
1Mattias Eriksson0:42:27
2Maricel Olaru0:44:58
3Stanimir Pandelov1:03:54
4Michael Collins1:07:56
5Mikhail Slipchenko1:24:19
6Chris Svoboda1:35:29
7Sleepy Dinosaurs1:53:45
8Sean Meagher2:52:54
 Thingy TeamMSP
Orange night Course
1Alex Eriksson0:26:47
2Tres Reese0:49:33
3Allydocious 1:09:03
4Leo Sandro Santos1:30:27
5Team Geezer1:42:38

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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