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We have not received permission to collect fees on Cook County Forest Preserve property. So, to avoid trouble with the Forest Preserve and to simplify the fee collection procedures, the Board of Directors has adopted the use of an O-Pass program.

No more $5 unpaid debts! No more keeping track of an envelope as you run through the brambles and marshes of Willow Springs Woods! No more Monday morning writing of $8 dollar checks to CAOC! You don't have to scrounging for 6 stamps throughout the Fall --- You can now just send in one payment with one stamp and be done!

O-Passes pre-pay for CAOC meets and receive an O-Pass. At registration, present your O-Pass; it will be accepted for payment for all fees and expenses. O-Passes will generally be issued for $40; as they are used, they will be punched. All participants - members and non-members are encouraged to purchase an O-Pass. Specifically, the procedures and rules are as follows:

  • Send in $40 (or a lesser amount) to

    Chicago Area Orienteering Club
    P.O. Box 0425
    Chicago, IL 60690-0425

    Include your name and address.
  • Cards are issued for $40; however, if you wish to pay a lessor amount, that is acceptable. Your card will be made or punched down to the lower amount.
  • The O-Passes will be encased in plastic laminate.
  • O-Passes will be sent to you or be made available for pick-up at the next meet after your money is received.
  • O-Passes will not expire; they will be good for meet fees and expenses in following years.
  • Unfortunately, if you lose your O-Pass we will not be able to give you a refund. While each card will have a serial number, they will be like O-Currency.
  • O-Passes can be used for membership payment or T-shirt purchase.
  • If you forget your card, you must revert to the Envelope System for that meet. You do have the option of presenting your O-Pass at the next meet to be punched for the previous meet.
  • If you have any questions or issues, send an e-mail to treasurer@chicago-orienteering.org with O-Pass in the reference line or, write to CAOC at

    Chicago Area Orienteering Club
    P.O. Box 0425
    Chicago, IL 60690-0425.

The Board also decided that while discounts may be offered in the future for those using the O-Pass, for this Fall, the meet fees will remain the same: $5 for CAOC members, $8 for non-CAOC members. Memberships will remain the same: $10 for Individual, $15 for Family, $28 for 3 year Individual, $42 for 3 year Family.

The Envelope System

We will continue to use the Envelope System for those who do not pre-purchase an O-Pass. If you do not have an O-Pass at registration, you will receive an envelope which should have notes as to amounts owed on it. Please make out a check to Chicago Area Orienteering Club and using the pre-printed envelope, drop it in the mail.

New Registration and Meet Accounting Procedures

Meet Directors are being given new instructions for registration incorporating the O-Pass and the Envelope System as well as for completion of the New Meet Accounting Form.

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