Long Score-O, Tricky Map at Crooked Creek Woods

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The Club's 2005 Score-O attracted almost 60 competitors for its two versions: the Red runners had two hours to get as many of the 40 controls as they could, and the Green competitors could return in only 75 minutes. Each of the forty controls was assigned a point value from 1 to 5 depending on distance and difficulty, and the winner was determined not by the number of controls found, but by the point value of those controls.

The 2-hour Red course was won be Michael Eglin from the Badger Club in Wisconsin who reached 34 of the 40 controls, and accumulated 106 of the 120 available points. Unfortunately Michael, and many others, came in overtime and lost points at a rate of 3 penalty points per minute over the time limit. As the Course Setter, I can only be complemented that so many fast, excellent orienteers just couldn't bring themselves to give up and come in until it was too late.

Rounding out the top five on Red were: Valentas Totoris (32 controls for 86 points), Maricel Olaru (29 for 78), Dugalic Dragovan (25 for 76), and Joe Sackett (24 for 75 points).

Young Eugene Backiev won the 75-minute Green Course finding 19 controls for a point value of 47, thus beating old pros Gary Klaben (also 19 controls but for only 38 points), Lenny Shatskin (15 for 34) and Viktor Nikolenko (16 for 30).

Many competitors ran immediately to the flat, green area along the Cal-Sag canal at the south part of the map where 7 high-value controls were hung. Here they found that usually prominent features such as stone walls, spurs, reentrants and deep depressions were not as easy to find as they expected. Mapping Director Rich Gaylord and long-time Club member Joe Sehnal worked together in 1995 to carefully map this confusing area, and find subtle features that could be legitimately mapped, but were not necessarily unique or distinctive. And the map has held up well. But even Red course winner Michael Eglin became confused in this area; he said afterward that he might have been able to punch all 40 controls within the two hour time limit if he hadn't lost contract with the map down in this area, and lost about 15 minutes.

The Orange course, at 6.1 km., was a bit longer than usual. This was noted in the Meet Instructions posted at the start and by the master map boards. Orange Course winner Jeff Schafermeyer normally runs the Red course. But he helped with the Start until it was too late for the Score-O. So he ran the Orange course in 58 minutes—a pace of 9.5 minutes per km. Many Orange competitors came in exhausted after more than 2 hours on the course, but very satisfied because the woods were very open and easily walked, with good visibility.

The 3.6 km Yellow Course was won by the Raven 5-man team from Troop 166 with a time of 58 minutes. And the 2.5 km White Course was won by Team Miles in 54 minutes...all very good performances.

I’d like to thank meet volunteers Joe Sehnal who helped hang controls for 4 hours on Saturday, and Rich Gaylord who showed up at 6:30 a.m. Sunday morning to hang controls before running himself. Registration was capably handled by Katie Schafermeyer, Karen Curley and my girlfriend Sari Rantanen, Beginner Instructors were Petri Ketola and Jim Marshall, Starters were Jeff Schafermeyer and Dan Curley, and finally Control Pick-up volunteers were Steve Maney, Charlie Shahbazian, Kris Sabataitas, Jim Gordon and Brian Pfister who picked up the 50 controls in record time.

Thank you one and all; without your help I could not have put on this meet.

Clark Maxfield

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