Poplar Creek, April 1, 2007

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Meet Director's Report

First, let me apologize for being so late in getting my report out. There were a lot of great volunteers last weekend who helped out, and I wanted to recognize their help much sooner. So, better late than never, my thanks go to: Jim, Carle, Kevin, Erin,Dan,Carol for help with registration, Erik, Chris, Anna, Michael C and Michael S for help with timing, Tracy, Ken, Paul, and Ed for help with control pickup, Duane A. and Joe H. for help with making some signs, and additional thanks to Kathy and Michael for helping things go smoothly during the meet. There are a few others who helped out that I've overlooked -- everyone plays a part in making a meet a success even if the meet director forgets to write your names down. Thanks again!! We couldn't have done it without all the help from the volunteers! And last but not least, my thanks to Jim Gordon for setting the courses.

-Jeff Porter

Course Setter's Report

Well, we had the promised rain. It’s a pity it arrived on race day though. From what I could tell most of the runners heading south of the creek took the direct route. We’re going to upload the results into Route Gadget so I hope you take a few minutes to draw your route.

I have to apologize for the misplacement of control 4 on both the yellow and red courses. Apparently 4 is an unlucky number in China and it wasn’t working too well for me either. The Yellow runners were up to the task though and it didn’t seem to affect their results but the Red course wasn’t so forgiving and I’ve removed the control from the results.

The loops in the Red and Green courses didn’t seem to cause any problems (other than the water pit) but a couple of runners managed to go the wrong way round the controls. Fortunately they both realized their mistake and went back to punch in the correct order thereby saving themselves from a DQ. I’m looking forward to reading the comments in Route Gadget about having to find the same control twice but from different directions.

Those of you who arrived early would have seen Gianofer Fields from Chicago Public Radio making a recording of our activities. I don’t know when this is due to be broadcast but we’ll post a link on the website when we find out. Finally I’d like to thank Jeff Porter and his team for managing the event so well.

See you all again at The Goat.

White, Yellow, and Orange Results

Red and Green Splits

Red and Green Extended Splits


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