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26 Apr 2009

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Meet Director's Report:

Well, it rained and it poured and then it rained some more! The rains on Saturday caused some controls to be located in knee deep water. Add to that a driving rain and you have the recipe for some wet orienteers! One participant remarked that the weather is the spice, the salad dressing, the part of the outdoor life that makes it interesting and worth living! I'm sure that everyone that braved the elements has a great story to tell including wet feet, slippery mud and a whole lot of fun!

Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped keeping the early rush moving quickly through the start area. I hope to see many of you at future meets - this sport can be fun with dry feet too!!

A note on the Green Course: The three controls after #13 were misplaced and/or missing. After some discussion, we decided the fairest way to handle this situation was to post results counting control #13 as the end of the green course. The result summary and ePunch splits reflect this scoring method. We apologize for the confusion caused both on the course Sunday morning and while viewing the green course results posted Monday evening.

While this situation very rarely occurs, it does happen and it gives a good opportunity to offer a reminder about what you do when you're absolutely sure that you're in the right place and the control isn't there. Once you've completely scoured the area and have made every possible attempt to find the control and cannot, you are to continue on with the course, finishing as quickly as possible. Once back at the finish, please report the situation to the meet director.


Standard format ePunch results can be found here.

Extended format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Jan Erik Naess0:17:08
2Summer Shaw0:22:13
3Sue Olofson0:24:14
5Garelan 0:25:00
6Karen Kaplan0:25:29
7Kemper #1320:25:34
8Magnus Naess0:25:37
9Alan Tigtig0:28:12
10Troop 182 - Team A0:30:39
11Swan #1320:31:19
12BSA 1320:31:47
13Troop 182 - Team B0:32:39
14Kent and Michael0:33:59
15Troop 182 - Team C0:34:22
17Pack 295 Den 10:44:17
 Conner ShawMSP
Yellow Course
2Cindy and John1:06:40
3Bartlett, Troop 1321:13:00
5Sue Olofson1:22:10
6Alan Tigtig1:22:54
7Weseloh and Friends1:28:00
8Team Las Munelas1:47:18
11Spero Speropoulos2:17:54
12Team Koso2:22:06
 Moo KarenaMSP
 Karen KaplanDNF
 Team AaarrghhhDNF
Orange Course
1Peter Friddle0:42:24
2Leonid Shatzkin0:51:29
3Two Gemini and 4 Virgo1:40:35
4Randy Hansen1:45:56
6Outdoor leadership2:08:05
7Team Damrose2:26:45
8Gil Novak4:04:26
 Rodrigo FuentesMSP
 Andrew KlomanMSP
 Bradley KlomanMSP
 Jason MaldonadoMSP
 Edwin PilcaMSP
 Fabian SansonaMSP
 Alexandra SolanoMSP
 Dulce EscutiaMSP
 Anna OrtizMSP
 Jennifer RamirezMSP
 Paola RamirezMSP
 Peter SpecialleMSP
 Katrina EwertMSP
 Alexander StandMSP
 Eduardo BrandonMSP
 Jose SosaMSP
 Wheeling JROTCDNF
 Cindy BanninMSP
 Climb for a CauseDNF
Green Course
1Bruce Metz0:51:02
2Jeff Pringle0:52:31
3Hung Yu Ho0:53:45
4Yuen Wangki0:58:48
5Eric Washington1:13:14
6Paul Henke1:17:11
7Tom Favale1:17:53
8Kevin Cutts1:24:11
9Michael Schneiderman1:28:07
10Eric Anderson1:32:07
11Bob Dittrich1:34:48
 Sverre MelbyeMSP
 Lisa McNerneyMSP
 Chris BirksMSP
 Mark AndersonMSP
Red Course
1Maricel Olaru0:56:16
2Jeff Shaw1:02:22
3Oivind Naess1:07:56
4Alex Kirpichonak1:10:16
5Jim Gordon1:12:17
6Michael Collins1:14:02
7Sam Mcaleese1:14:23
8Natalia Babeti1:28:27
9Ron Stonitsch1:30:49
10Zsuzsa Palotas1:38:24
11Gerry Voelliger1:51:00
12April Hernann2:16:53
 Jeff PorterMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.

Extended format ePunch results can be found here.


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