Palos North
07 May 2011

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Meet Director's Report
Palos Hills North
May 7th

Gordon Pearce: Meet director
Natalia Deconescu: Course setter

There was an early morning drizzle that cleared up as the course was being set. Natalia was not able to attend, so Charlie and Maricel pitched in running and biking to get the controls out . The temperature was in the low 60s and the sky overcast with no wind. It was a nice day to run. A decent turnout of members and some new comers to the sport provided a steady flow at the registration and finish. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day.

The Palos area is one of my favourite because of the varied terrain. Nature and changes in area use proved challenging. Even the best runners had to pick through bramble and vines where the map showed clear areas. There were also a few trails that were not marked on the map.

I want to thank Yan, Natalia, Bill & Rena , Bruce & Valerie , Rich, Kathy, Paul , Michael , Joe, Maricel, Charlie, Oivind, Wangki, for all your help and patience.

People went out and came back safe, all the controls were accounted for and i didn’t crash the computer. ‘Nuf said?

-- Gordon Pearce, meet director

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.

Extended format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Triple J (3)0:44:22
2Curley Jr. 0:47:48
3Lois N.0:48:59
4Chrissy (2)0:53:52
5Claude Lee1:21:50
6Sara McBride (2)1:31:30
 M. TaliaferroDNF
Yellow Course
1Valerie Metz0:43:38
2Elizabeth Cohen0:55:09
3Greg Larramore0:55:18
4Bob Pedersen (2)0:59:40
5Sohpia & Dad (2)1:02:59
8Wallquist (2)1:14:33
9Disney Trio (3)1:37:29
10Almquist (2)1:40:12
11Kathleen Eccles1:52:19
12Cyndia DeBock1:52:19
13Troop 3181:57:11
 Paola GuzmanDNF
 Mariana GarciaDNF
 J. VasquezDNF
Orange Course
1Greg Larramore1:33:14
2Bob Pedersen2:00:00
 Jeff MarkusDNF

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.

Extended format ePunch results can be found here.


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