Palos North
21 Apr 2013

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Heavy rains had closed some local roads last week, but it dried out enough for a sunny and muddy day at Pulaski Woods in Willow Springs. More than 100 teams ran and hiked Chris Svoboda's courses. Special thanks to Fred and Tonya for handling registration and to the usual suspects for picking up controls. Lost and found: a water bottle was left behind. If it is yours, accurately describe it to the meet director at the next event you attend to retrieve it.

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Ben Jones0:17:03
2Alex Petrov0:18:08
3Ivan Petrov0:18:10
4Victor Petrov0:18:30
5Henrik Naess0:22:25
6Magnus Naess0:22:59
7Team Omega0:31:13
8Team Linda0:32:07
9Arendt 0:33:36
10Cameron 0:35:34
11Venetis 0:35:50
12Kevin Lee0:36:36
13The A Team0:37:05
14Pfeiffer Family0:44:34
15Michelle Huynh0:45:41
16John Huynh0:45:45
17Warhawks 21:15:25
18Warhawks 1:24:58
19Team Neon Yahtzees4:05:04
 Blackhawks MSP
Yellow Course
1Jason Berta0:31:58
2Katie Williams0:32:06
3Team Omega0:36:21
4Ben Jones0:48:17
5Robin Larsson0:49:41
6Rytis Team0:51:38
7Bill Bollig0:52:42
8Frank Rehor0:54:26
9Arendt 0:57:19
10Venetis 1:04:23
11Wangki Yuen1:06:41
12Claire Couvidat1:13:54
13Kei U Lai1:25:10
14Erin Collins1:26:59
15Josh Collins1:27:12
16Mad Liz Rose1:32:47
17Larry Desch1:36:20
 The A TeamMSP
 Roy FryeMSP
 Tom WallquistMSP
Orange Course
1Jason Berta1:14:13
2Joe Hertz1:14:35
3Tom Chadwell1:17:00
4Mario Bros1:22:46
5Valentina Dubrovka1:27:08
6New Beat Veterans1:43:52
7Team Damrose1:55:42
8Carle 2:03:21
9Brett Pinkepank2:08:53
10Claire Couvidat2:13:22
11Carrie Haiduk2:16:08
12Doohaluk 2:17:44
13Feiyin Liao2:21:24
14Psydelic Thunder2:23:55
15Wangki 2:32:50
16Jeff Markus2:54:55
17Gil Novak3:14:45
 Kei U LaiMSP
 Blackflag MSP
 Raymond hessMSP
 Teufel HundenMSP
Green Course
1Hansjoerg Suter1:07:45
2Carl Larsson1:08:28
3Bruce Metz1:17:11
4Rich Gaylord1:29:20
5Katie Williams1:39:28
6Lisa McNerney1:40:29
7Eric Anderson2:03:51
8Tom Favale2:04:14
9Dan Curley2:06:24
10Paul Henke2:37:11
11Vita Veita2:43:38
 Esteban PerezMSP
 Gordon PearceMSP
 Toboggan RunnersMSP
 Brandon MSP
 Fred PrattMSP
Red Course
1Maricel Olaru1:02:33
2Viktor Nikolenko1:15:53
3Oivind Naess1:17:35
4Charlie Shahbazian1:18:40
5Kathy Bullard1:19:16
6Erik Martinez1:20:43
7Michael Collins1:22:13
8Ivan Petrov1:23:55
9Chris Gladwin1:27:53
10Stanimir Pandelov1:29:48
11Peter Friddle1:33:19
12David Yang1:39:56
13JimHertz 1:40:36
14Jeffrey Luteyn1:50:31
15Milos Dugalic1:51:05
16Leonid Shatskin1:51:23
17Donald Bart1:55:40
18Eric Olsen 1:55:44
19Antonina Kuzmis1:58:53
20Kimberly Heintz2:07:29
21Matt Suchomel2:10:17
22Adam Reese2:10:28
23Michael Reese2:10:44
 Team LostMSP
 Doug BonfieldMSP
 Przybyla MSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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