Busse Woods
21 Sep 2014

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A good day spent by, and with, a diverse group of Orienteers several who had traveled a good distance to attend the Busse Meet; some old friends and some new faces. It appeared that everyone – young and old - enjoyed the day. One young female orienteer, after successfully completing the White and Yellow courses, was heard exclaiming to her equally young companion: “Let’s see if we can find some more!” That’s the spirit!

Thanks to the following for volunteering their time to assist in the smooth operation and clean-up of the event:

Control Placement (Saturday and Sunday): Joe Sehnal

Registration: Brett Pinkepack, Chris Svoboda, Madeline McCarren, Mihail Dinu

Computer Results: Madeline, Michael Collins., Mihail

Orienteering Clinic: Kathy Bullard, Michael C.

Control Pickup: Tonya Kuzmis, Chris S., Chris Gladwin, Michael Reese, Patrick Coneff, Alan Tigtig, Charlie Shahbazian

Thanks to everyone for another good day in the woods! Dan & Rich

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Cadel 0:18:16
2Brad 0:19:54
3Kalina and Theodora0:20:25
4Hannah 0:20:31
5Erin Collins0:21:15
6Canadian Cowboys0:24:22
7Makayla Reimer0:28:00
8Kay Young0:28:48
9Fin & Reed Miller0:31:20
10Girl Scout Troop 408500:34:47
11Maria Trespeces-Winck0:36:31
12Jaeger 0:36:39
13Jenna & Julia Moede0:42:54
14Porter Family0:49:29
15Westinghouse 20:50:19
16Westinghouse 30:52:43
17Nicole Press0:55:44
18Bannon 1:11:19
19Team Rocket1:17:30
 Warriors 1MSP
Yellow Course
1Valerie Metz0:35:39
2Troop 195 Team40:39:45
3Caderik 0:40:02
4Kolar 0:42:30
5Robin Larsson0:47:59
6ZB 90:54:40
7Jessica Kratka0:56:33
8Nicole 0:58:38
9Bill Bollig1:01:31
10Hannah 1:01:53
11Ron S1:04:17
12Carlos Gonzalez1:05:41
13Koert 1:06:28
14Gabriel & Freddy1:10:55
15Logan 1:11:07
16Sky 1:11:59
17Ruthie 1:19:03
18Avery Parker1:23:26
19Diego 1:24:26
20ZB 61:24:53
21Team Perez1:26:08
22Abby 1:30:46
23Two Demeritts1:31:04
24Family Friedl1:33:27
25ZB7 1:34:12
26Markhams 1:40:54
27Pena & Zhen1:45:57
28Team Otte1:52:19
29Team LA1:54:53
30Unknown 2:41:25
31He Lei2:41:39
 Power RangersMSP
 The WinnersMSP
Orange Course
1Clark Companik0:51:48
2Jim Companik0:51:50
3Salinda 1:01:42
4Powell 1:04:01
5Kolar 1:09:15
6Eyemlos 1:16:20
7Grasshoppers 1:21:22
8Preissig 1:22:13
9ZB2 1:28:32
10Hammer 1:33:56
11Randy Hansen1:35:43
12Budin 1:37:12
13Donovan Day1:45:47
14Ost 1:49:01
15NJROTC 31:59:55
16Carle 2:18:01
17Gilmore 3:28:31
 Roeser MSP
 Nolan CahesMSP
 Matt HufanoMSP
 Devion GardleyMSP
Green Course
1Kathy Bullard0:58:08
2Carl Larsson1:05:19
3Bruce Metz1:11:49
4Lisa McNerney1:26:51
5M&R 1:34:15
6Tom Favale1:34:26
7Ben Jones1:36:09
8Brian Rafino1:36:30
9Madeline McCarren1:40:20
10Kevin Cutts1:43:17
11Christina Collins1:47:17
12Wingetter BONDY2:17:22
13Mathew 2:43:28
Red Course
1Maricel Olaru0:54:13
2Ivan Petrov0:59:36
3Jan Erik Naess0:59:49
4Michael Collins0:59:50
5Oivind 1:00:06
6Martin Schwetter1:05:22
7Charlie Shahbazian1:06:40
8Eric Olsen 1:14:36
9Antonina Kuzmis1:17:52
10Stanimir Pandelov1:18:24
11Wangki Yuen1:19:40
12Leonid Shatskin1:26:43
13Jeffrey Luteyn1:31:59
14Chris Gladwin1:34:02
15Patrick Coneff1:37:29
16Joe Sehnal1:38:50
17Michael Geary1:40:15
18Jeff Porter1:59:21
19Michael Reese2:06:07
 Read OneMSP
 Milan BhattMSP
 Brett PinkepankMSP
 Jacob Whs1MSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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