Linne Woods
14 Dec 2014

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White Course
1Team Caderik (2)0:16:00
2Mike Haney0:23:00
3Elise and Ben Murphy (2)0:29:00
4The Thorn Birds0:29:00
5Conor Richards0:34:00
7Patrick Kelly0:34:00
8Two Demeritts (2)0:38:00
9Team 496 (5)0:57:00
Orange Course
1Mr Bohlin0:30:00
2Dan Markham0:38:54
3David Knorowski0:45:00
4Alan Tigtig0:46:00
5Jeff Goodin0:47:02
6Michael Berg0:48:30
7Ethan Budin0:54:44
8Elise and Ben Murphy (2)0:56:00
9Windy City Black Dragon0:57:00
10Team Caderik (2)1:01:00
11Yan Deng1:03:00
12Annie Prudhommeaux (4)1:19:00
Madnaess Course
1Olvind Naess0:20:53
2Natalia Deconescu0:22:08
3Michael Reese0:24:36
4Michael Collins0:24:42
5Antonia Kuzmis0:25:01
6Charlie Shahbazian0:25:01
7Bruce Metz0:25:15
8Martin Schwetter0:26:30
9Carl Larrson0:28:01
10Madeline McCarren0:30:42
11Joe Sehnal0:31:47
12Rich Gaylord0:32:03
13Stanimir Pandelov0:32:32
14Leonid Shatskin0:32:54
15Lisa Mcnearny0:33:10
16Dan Curley0:33:10
17Diablos Detierra (Jose Sosa) (2)0:36:09
18Ben Jones0:36:34
19Eyes of the World (2)0:43:00
20Kevin Cutts0:44:36
21Fred Pratt0:46:33
22Marciel Olaru0:53:26
23Gordon Pearce0:55:10


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