19 Apr 2015

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What a nice meet! That is stated not boastfully. Our sport focuses on enhancing the enjoyment public park lands offer; using the park lands as a game board. Good weather, jolly enthusiastic experienced, and not so experienced, participants, knowledgeable helpful volunteers, a wonderful preserve just starting to Spring blossom, all centered around an organized activity, Orienteering.

It was day a for family and friend watching for example: The best competition of the day on the advanced course (Red) was turned in by the Naess family, father and son, Oivind and Jan Eric; a fun generational competition to watch. It was nice to see the three generations of Team Larsson out beaming on their way through the woods. The Markhams steadily making their way around a course their Papa had designed. First-timers included at least two father and young son teams who may also have completed both the White and Yellow courses. The joy shown by a group of family/friends - Data Folks Pry - who were first-timers, as they completed the intermediate skill level Orange course. What a nice day!

And, of course, thanks to the volunteers who helped make the meet go smoothly:
Special thanks to Dan Curley and Mihail Dinu for taking over registration at a busy time.
Registration: Dan Curley, Rebecca Markham, Amanda Markham, Mihail Dinu, Chris Svoboda
Finish Computer: Michael Collins, Brendan Markham, Mihail Dinu
Beginner's Clinic: Michael Collins, Rich Gaylord
Control Set up: Dan Markham, Michael Geary, Joe Sehnal
Control Pick up: Natalie Deconescu, Michael Geary, Charlie Shabazian, Madeline McCarren, Alan Tigtig, Chris Svoboda, Dan Markham

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Team Caderik0:23:20
2Carlos Mejia0:31:38
3Otto 0:32:03
4Lizard 0:34:17
5Kalana and Victor0:36:18
6Janette and Mara0:42:36
7Team Larsson0:43:25
8Natalie 0:47:17
9David Woods0:50:07
10Garrelts 0:52:18
11Prickett 0:52:23
12Rashaan 0:53:25
13Team Anakin0:53:43
14Team Two0:56:42
15Edy 0:59:02
16Hilary 1:05:13
17Goldzwig 1:07:26
18Deb Hamilton1:07:27
 Westinghouse 2MSP
 Geary MSP
 Lidia MSP
Yellow Course
1Team Caderik0:37:06
2Valerie Metz0:41:13
3CJ 0:45:09
4Jack Readdy and Sam Jansen0:59:00
5Shanteo 1:03:53
6Blackhawks won1:08:58
7Svehla 1:18:12
8Tot Elite1:32:05
9Jaeger 1:42:32
10Roy Frye1:55:30
11Troup 3882:03:08
 Zhen MSP
Orange Course
1Herrera 0:56:49
2Jhlienik 0:58:33
3Carle 1:00:36
4Martinez 1:04:28
5Clark 1:04:35
6Fuents 1:05:03
7Clark Companik1:05:24
8Riccardo 1:06:10
9Chodak 1:09:12
10Team KP1:16:53
11Waremeye 1:17:04
12Team Dave1:38:47
13Data Folks Pry2:03:22
 Todd MSP
 Gladwin MSP
 Westinghouse 12MSP
 Westinghouse 11MSP
 Kalyly MSP
Green Course
1Eric Anderson0:50:39
2Gladwin 0:54:55
3Kyle 0:55:03
4Suter 0:58:35
5M&R 0:58:50
6Bruce Metz1:00:11
7Karl Larsson1:01:35
8Dan Kurley1:08:13
9Raef Meves1:14:24
10Lisa McNerney1:16:39
11Christina Collins1:18:09
12Tom Favale1:18:56
13Madeline McCarren1:20:15
14Gordon Pearce1:24:42
15Nick and Amanda1:25:31
16Rodgers 1:35:05
17Donovan Day2:03:34
18Roberts 2:03:35
19Fred Pratt2:04:27
Red Course
1Oivind Naess0:46:48
2Jan Erik Naess0:50:26
3Martin Schwetter0:52:46
4Charlie Shahbazian0:55:57
5Ivan Petrov0:57:40
6Patrick Coneff0:59:43
7 Natalia Deconescu 1:03:15
8Michael Geary1:03:40
9Chris Svoboda1:04:00
10Rob McLennan1:06:07
11Gladwin 1:09:43
12Stanimir Pandelov1:11:26
13Leonid Shatskin1:12:29
14Don Bart1:13:22
15Michael Reese1:14:48
16Andrew Metz1:18:17
17Brett Pinkepank1:20:13
18Joe Sehnal1:23:29
19Kuz Metsov1:48:55
20McShane 1:54:28
21Bonfield 1:54:32
 Bagan MSP
 Jeff ShawMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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