12 Jul 2015

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Short Course
1Annika Anders Larsson0:34:30
2Gale Teschendorf0:36:39
3James McAllister0:44:54
4Otto Linnenbringer0:50:40
 Eric BakeyMSP
 Kestutis and IevaMSP
Medium Course
1Kathy Bullard0:45:34
2Dan Curley0:47:43
3Randy Hansen0:48:05
4Martinez 0:54:50
5Team Damrose0:56:08
6Mightychondria 1:01:29
7Green Machine1:01:33
8Team Thiemann1:04:25
9Team Pippa1:06:23
10Konstantine 1:07:04
11Bernice & Stephanie1:08:48
12XYRP 1:09:29
13Jordan 1:09:44
14Maggie Scanlon1:13:47
15XXRP 1:16:30
16Team Otte1:19:36
17Whitmore Family2:17:40
 Huskies MSP
Long Course
1Michael & Patrick0:56:43
2Adam & Alex1:00:13
3Team Solberg1:01:21
4Martin Kratka1:03:14
5Milan Kratka1:04:20
6Rob McLennan1:08:55
7Harry & Larry1:09:26
8Nick Preys1:09:29
9Grasshoppers 1:09:45
10Father & Son Tradition1:27:44
11Victor Nikolenko1:49:59

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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