Willow Springs
11 Oct 2015

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Meet Director's Report:

What a gorgeous fall day to orienteer! We had our largest turnout of the year at Willow Springs with folks of all ages out to enjoy the fall weather in the woods. Our attendees today ranged from a newborn in a carrier to seasoned orienteers in their 90s! We're always glad to see families, scout troops and cadets from our local JROTC programs outside enjoying this wonderful sport.

As always, many thanks to our dedicated volunteers who helped make this event go smoothly for everyone.
Setup and Registration: Rich Vogt, Rich Gaylord, Chris Svoboda, Dan Curley
Beginners Clinics: Rich Gaylord, Michael Collins
Control Pickup: Natalia Desconescu, Rich Gaylord, Jeff Shaw
Meet wrap-up and tear down: Chris Svoboda, Tonya Kuzmis
Course Setter and Finish Computer Operator: Maricel Olaru
Meet Director: Mike Reese


Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Finley 0:28:41
2Naess Henrik0:35:36
3Jelly Fish0:37:17
4Rotc versus Wild0:38:43
5Reed Miller0:49:26
6Jos Ngreta1:06:15
 Vince MSP
 Spuky scary skeletonsMSP
 The Dark NightMSP
Yellow Course
1Rotc versus Wild0:40:56
2Koert 0:48:47
3Jelly Fish 0:52:34
4Natthew Fox0:53:37
5Liz 0:55:10
6Aby 0:56:20
7Mcallister 0:56:21
8Brinkshuser 0:58:23
9Michael Haney1:01:10
10John Roeser1:03:27
11Andrus Team1:04:43
12Ayla Otto1:06:05
13Moose treaker1:11:16
14Team Nuwbis1:17:54
153 Gen1:21:41
16Stech 1:22:24
17they got lost1:22:40
18Warchall 1:23:55
19Wallquist 1:30:59
20Southwest dinosours1:31:10
21Magnus Naess1:31:22
22Sehneider 1:35:02
23Stoddrd 1:47:23
24Flershem 1:52:56
25Morales Mai2:20:06
26Mia-Sagi 2:22:48
 Whitmore MSP
 Ghost protocolMSP
 Team SavegeMSP
 The Dark NightMSP
 Lexin biMSP
 apple seedMSP
 My little poniesMSP
 Gestopo MSP
 Yailan& DestinyMSP
 Esteban GarzaMSP
Orange Course
1Essiroininen 0:48:05
2Rich Gaylord0:59:29
3Salinda 1:21:34
4Michael Covarrubias1:31:15
5Kir 1:31:36
6Team Damroce1:46:31
7Ayers Berg1:49:38
8Berg Michael1:50:03
9Christina Collins2:00:29
10Tan-Cdr 2:16:19
11Team Michelle2:17:40
12Andrews Elisabet2:30:53
13Flores 4:00:23
14Oddo 4:00:58
 Julie RinaldiMSP
 Toboggan RunnersMSP
 Wartmeye MSP
 Chris BirksMSP
 So clouseMSP
 Sorry we triedMSP
 Choi-ma MSP
 Bill BolligMSP
Green Course
1Jeff Shaw1:02:59
2Nicolai Mejevoi1:13:09
3Thurston Miller1:22:01
4Dan Curley1:23:59
5Liz Valentine1:52:23
6Richard Vogt1:58:51
7Madeline Mccarren2:13:10
8Lisa M2:14:42
9Paul Henke2:19:16
10Meves 2:24:29
11Wangki Yuen2:43:19
Red Course
1Sergei Kalugin1:01:51
2Oivind Naess1:07:42
3Erik Naess1:10:04
4Michael Collins1:21:22
5Stanimir Pandelov1:22:00
6Natalia Deconescu1:25:53
7Viktor Nikolenko1:27:17
8Ivan Petrov1:29:42
9Chris Gladwin1:37:57
10Antonina Kuzmis1:38:27
11Eric Olsen 1:44:14
12Rob McLennan2:00:20
13Matz Andrew2:00:21
14Tony McShane3:10:55
 Leonid ShatskinMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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