Arie Crown
11 Sep 2016

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It was a beautiful sunny day with a big crowd to enjoy it. Natalia set self-relay courses for the advanced orienteers as well as standard white, yellow, and orange. Many thanks to the volunteers helped get everyone started out smoothly: Tonya, Madeline, Rich, and Chris, as well as the control pick-up crew closing out the day.

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Henrik 0:19:32
2Yuan Zang0:21:27
3Purr 0:22:39
4Cadel 0:25:48
5Finley Miller0:26:42
6In memory of harambe0:27:45
7Team 30:30:13
8Lemon MNM0:30:53
9Zoom 0:30:56
10Team B Minus0:31:26
11Patrik Murfy0:31:45
12Emeus 0:32:28
13Obey 0:33:04
14man Bear pack0:34:05
15The best of West0:34:26
16Lily Olsen0:34:32
17Squarel ?0:37:20
18Samhita Calin0:38:10
19Las Tortugas0:41:13
20Deylan Manfredi0:45:18
21Chase Tabor0:46:20
22Dimiter Bratovani0:47:12
23Three Black men0:54:22
24Tream Free Will0:56:01
25Jesica Sumrow0:58:21
26Andrew Albertano1:10:13
27team Wigwam1:11:25
28Mistic 1:12:29
29Geek Squad1:13:00
30Isabel Bakutis1:27:02
 Stalag 13MSP
Yellow Course
1Magnus Naess0:26:35
2Team Caderik0:26:56
3Paul Henke0:27:50
4Michael Haney0:32:50
5Lands Speakers0:38:41
6Kira Hanson0:41:44
7Park 0:43:36
8Robin Larsson 0:47:38
9Zoom 0:49:58
10Harabes 0:50:56
11Lily Olsen0:55:13
12Kuhl 1:10:05
13Money 1:19:04
14Padme 1:34:47
15Flaming Arrows1:46:37
16Jellyfish Colt 22:00:03
 123 MSP
 Stalag 13MSP
 Howell WintersMSP
 Team B MinusMSP
 Jonah FitzMSP
 Micheal ZuborMSP
Orange Course
1Eric Olson0:33:46
2Team Oconor0:51:50
3paul Henke0:53:41
4Jon Arendt1:04:32
5Erik Saszik1:06:22
6Michel Summer1:11:55
7Alan Tom1:12:36
8Ayers Berg1:13:34
9Fred Pratt1:15:58
10Vika Yulia1:20:56
11ROTC versus wild1:45:00
12Gil Novak3:00:47
 Diylan ManfrediMSP
 Haramba MSP
 Mchugh MSP
 Braudigem MSP
 Captan AmericaMSP
Green - c Course
1Antonina Kuzmis2:43:20
Green - d Course
1Thurston Miller1:49:46
 Madeline MSP
Green - f Course
1Calinda 2:17:58
Red - a Course
1Orlin Stanev1:51:40
Red - b Course
1Charlie Shahbazian1:30:33
2Stu Levene - Happy Herts (GBR)1:54:49
 Maricel OlaruMSP
Red - c Course
1Martin Schwetter1:14:27
 Stanimir PandelovMSP
Red - d Course
1Eric Olsen 1:14:35
2Rob McLennan1:25:32
3Carl Larsson2:01:17
Red - e Course
1Oivind Naess1:17:31
2Lenny Shatskin1:42:32
3Chris Svoboda1:45:42
Red - f Course
1Jan Erik Naess1:13:21
2Ivan Petrov1:17:03
3Burns David2:10:43

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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