Raceway Woods
06 Nov 2016

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There could have been some downside to the meet on Sunday, but nobody noticed...the day was a perfect Fall day. Lots of familiar friendly faces, and plenty of equally friendly new-comers, who all expressed various positive comments regarding the orienteering delights they experienced on Sunday. Good weather, friendly faces, enthusiastic helpers, newly mapped area and Orienteering...what more can you ask from a recreational activity!? We (Dan and Rich) want thank all the volunteers who helped to make the day run smoothly: Chris, Charlie, Mark (a visitor, and longtime Orienteering friend, from AZ), and Joe for managing the parking; Gordon, Reiko, Rebecca, Amanda, Brendan and Dan C. for helping with the set up and management of the Registration, Start, Finish, and refreshment areas; and for control/equipment pick up after the event, Dan C, Joe, Maricel, Hugh, Nathanial, Henry, Charlie, Natalie, Leonid, Bruce and Tonya.


Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White Course
1Kalina 0:22:19
2Team A0:24:52
3The A Team0:25:56
4Henry Bisco0:31:47
5Goldberg 0:36:27
6Makl 0:38:43
7Sidhant 0:38:46
8Piglets 0:40:17
9Soafsa 0:43:17
10Alexander Eriksson0:46:11
11Shein 0:46:59
12Dimitar 0:48:08
13Pitcher 0:58:32
14Klaus Haus1:06:32
 Gladys MSP
Yellow Course
1Nathaniel Bisco0:23:38
2Makl 0:25:41
3Magnus Naess0:27:43
4Anna Pandelova0:30:20
5Lu 0:43:17
6Cubbies 0:49:37
7Soafsa 0:52:32
8Liz Beranek0:52:35
9Ryan Roback0:57:09
10Lost in Translation1:08:20
11ZB 81:10:03
12ZB 41:10:16
13ZB6 1:11:03
14Conrad 1:12:44
15Team LA1:12:44
16Stoddard 1:17:31
17Kate Stasiak1:19:59
18Nelson - ZB1:28:43
19ZB 71:38:22
20Goldberg 1:50:01
Orange Course
1T2 1:11:53
2Jon Arendt1:12:24
3ZB 11:18:56
4Companik Clark1:21:23
5Companik Jim1:21:27
6Rachal 1:22:46
7Team Damrose1:28:48
8Ayers 1:29:43
9Harvey 1:30:19
10Huskies 1:31:17
11Where Am Eye1:31:57
12Bill Bollig1:33:47
13Ruo 1:35:49
14Will Ng1:39:05
15Fred Pratt1:44:32
16Malachi Zaeger1:50:39
17Pink Fluffy Unicorns2:06:19
18Caleb Jaeger2:06:24
19The 2.02:06:28
20John Jones2:07:34
21Brian Karalow2:16:43
Green Course
1Andrew Metz1:13:00
2Dan Curley1:23:13
3Lise Valentine1:30:12
4Danny Riley1:41:14
5Bruce Metz1:47:19
6Friddle Boys1:48:04
7Lisa M1:48:18
8Madeline 1:48:23
9Kevin C1:58:23
10Parsons 2:01:52
11Gordan Pearce2:12:54
 Grasshoppers MSP
Red Course
1Jan Erik0:54:59
2Mattias 0:56:03
3Maricel Olaru0:56:04
4Sergei Kalugin1:01:33
5Schwetter Martin1:06:56
6Stanimir Pandelov1:12:49
7Oivind 1:12:56
8Ivan Petrov1:13:34
9Wangki 1:14:20
10Chris Svoboda1:25:36
11Tonya 1:26:24
12Carl Larsson1:27:07
13Charlie Shahbazian1:28:16
14Natalia Deconescu1:32:33
15Rob McLennan1:35:58
16David Larsson1:41:04
17Coneff 1:50:22
18Leonid Shatskin2:01:59
19Raef 2:24:30
20Tony McShane2:31:42

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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