Greenbusy Day 1
21 Sep 2019

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Yellow Course
1Brent Grinwald0:29:23
2Liz Heckenlaible0:33:00
3Ben & Henry Imhoff0:50:19
 Reed MillerMSP
Orange Course
1Julia Hanson0:58:36
2Finley Miller1:10:12
3Liz Heckenlaible1:24:21
4Jens Christianson1:38:46
5Bonnie Miller2:08:51
6Heidi Gempler2:12:48
 Mark ReedMSP
Green Course
1Chris Svoboda1:17:55
2Shin Schimizu1:43:38
3Rick Schnell1:52:50
4Janet Tryson2:04:22
5Sam Levitin2:16:05
6Susie Madden2:22:52
7Thurston Miller2:27:32
8Chiori Shimizu2:55:20
 Beth WhitakerMSP
 Brenda BlacklockMSP
 Rich GaylordMSP
 Michael ReeseMSP
 Mary JonesMSP
 Hank KuleszaMSP
Red/blue Course
1Alena Khilko1:16:10
2Jens Christianson1:36:29
3Asne Tronberg1:42:04
4Rob Minto1:43:34
5Glen Tryson1:45:24
6Sami Liponkoski1:47:31
7Blago 1:57:27
8Eric Olsen2:03:39
9Tom Svobodny2:04:22
10Jeff Porter2:17:39
11Ian Harding2:32:14
12Jim Hall2:53:05
 Francis HogleMSP
 Koert MillerMSP
 Salinda MillerMSP
 Doug MartinMSP
 Lise ValentineMSP
 Brian TusonMSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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