Lemon Lake Night-O
20 Nov 2020

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Although it was put together rather quickly, we had a very good turnout and perfect weather for the night / day event at Lemon Lake County Park. Many first timers who did a beginner course during the daylight and then went out for another course at night.

Special thanks to Jay, Deb and Nick at Lemon Lake Disc Golf Flight Center for not only providing us with a warm building for our registration area but also for providing us complimentary beef sandwiches, cookies, chips and soda. Also thanks to Lake County Parks and Recreation for all of their support and assistance.

Long distance traveler award goes to Mattias and Alex who attended a day meet in Cincinnati in the morning and then made the trip to Lemon Lake at night. Alex blistered the night yellow course and then along with Luci Neal, completed the night white course in under 12 minutes!

The white day course was won by Greg Alegria with Tommy Robaczwski close behind. Logan Witte took the yellow day course then stuck around to do orange at night where he lost his e-stick, came in to report it lost, then went back out - found it in the dark - and completed the course. Tonya, only a couple weeks since giving birth to baby Emma, won the Orange course followed by the Reese family. On the advanced course, which had a lot of route choice and plenty of opportunity for parallel errors, Maricel edged out Alena. A map of the advanced course is posted on our facebook page.

Thanks to everyone for coming out.

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


White day Course
1 Gregory Alegria 0:23:53
2 Tommy Robaczewski 0:27:31
3 Nick Svitko 0:36:56
4 Joe Lash 0:37:39
  Ken Morrison MSP
Yellow day Course
1 Logan Witte 0:33:39
2 Zhang / Klosak 0:44:31
3 Olivia / Witkos 0:46:08
White Course
1 Alex and Luci 0:11:34
  Luci Neal MSP
Yellow Course
1 Alex Eriksson 0:20:58
2 Greg Alegria 0:39:34
3 Dimitar Bratovoma 0:43:01
4 Caryn Corriere 0:53:39
5 Joe Lash 1:00:08
  Luci Neal MSP
Orange Course
1 Tonya Kuzmis 0:36:47
2 Reese Squad 1:02:06
3 Ed Witte 1:08:37
4 Logan Witte 1:20:09
  John Bettasso MSP
Advanced Course
1 Maricel Olaru 0:47:30
2 Alena Khilko 0:51:17
3 Michael Collins 1:02:47
4 Barys Alesiyuk 1:03:42
5 Lauren Acre 1:23:47
6 Milan Kratka 1:27:42
7 Javier Guerra 1:31:11
8 Olivia / Witkos 2:43:34
  Mattias Eriksson MSP

Standard format ePunch results can be found here.


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